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06-06-2006, 12:40 PM
Dear Sir,

This post will be lengthy because I have decided to clarify as much as possible this point for members on this board .

Regularly, questions are submitted about St-Sauveur, Mont-Tremblant, St-Jerome, North, Laurentian, Laurentides, etc. The terms used in the title for each thread varies greatly.

Answers are very scarce, vague, incomplete and not very helpful.

It is also difficult to make a search on the subject because the thread may not always mention the city by name. For example the Pony Express is a strip club, up north outside of Ste-Agathe (I believe) but if you do a search using Laurentian or Ste-Agathe you may not not find the information with your search.

Last February a member of an other board submitted the following query: "Any girls who travel North?

I then posted the following comment which I will repeat:

"Sp's up north

Dear friend,

I have a country home about fifteen minutes from St-Sauveur.

In Quebec there is a tradition of small local or regional newspapers distributed absolutely free in your mailbox, at the supermarket, at the drugstore etc.

In St-Sauveur this local free newspaper is called "La Vallée" (the valley). Another such paper that may also be distributed in St-Sauveur is called "Les Pays d'en Haut" (the high country). Both of these papers carry weekly ads of escorts mostly independents.On average there will be ten to twelve ads. Some are incalls mostly situated in St-Jerôme about fifteen minutes before reaching St-Sauveur ( and less time than to travel to Mont-Tremblant). If you cannot read french try to acquaint yourself with a discreet person that will translate for you (your friendly barmaid and give her a good tip). If you call someone and they cannot speak english try another sp.

Good luck."

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When I posted that comment last February I left out details because I did have time to review the posting policies which I have done since then.

The information that I will now share with the members is public domain and considering the fact that I make no publicity nor do I recommend anybody I now feel that I can give more details. I'll try to be clear.

The Journal de Montreal empire publishes local or regional newspapers. In fact there are 8 local newspapers in the Laurentians but only four publish adds for service providers: L'Écho du Nord (St-Jérôme), Le Mirabel (St-Jérôme) Journal La Vallée (St-Sauveur) and Le Journal des Pays d'en Haut (Ste-Adèle).

The general internet address for these newspapers is the following:


Once you get to that page (be very very patient because their server is very very very slow) look in the left hand column for "ClassEfind". Click on this other link.

Once you are at "ClassEfind" there will be a large box listing various categories. Click on the word "Services" which opens a dialogue box or a subcategory. Click on "Agence d'escortes" (Escort Agency). Then click to carry out the search.

All the escort adds published that week in all the Quebecor local newspapers in the province of Quebec. Look for the names of the newspapers that I mentionned above. Needless to say the adds change from week to week. Also most but no all the adds are repeated in several of tehes newspapers.

You will notice that there are practically no agencies mentionned. Recently some new agencies have tried to set up shop. Most of the adds are from independants. Most are incall but some are outcall. Mostly are original "québécoise". Humm! The rest is up to you: phone.

A few additional words:

if you try to carry out the search in english (ClassEfind has both languages french and english) you will fail. The newspapers are in french and if you ask for "escort agency" and not "agences d'escortes" it will not recognize your search.

Last but no least the servers as mentionned above are painfully slow.

Third if you do contact a service provider do not wait until your bubble is bursting because the sp's are considerably fewer that the pool of clients at 11h00 pm and the territory is vast and if your are in remote area you may be difficult to find.

Yours truly.

06-06-2006, 11:05 PM
I am now available for dates in the Mt.Tremblant area for the summer :lollipop:


06-12-2006, 11:22 AM
Yestyrday I felt horny and needed to take out some pressure. So I checked and called a number in local newspaper since I did not have much time to go outside my area. After calling I took rendez-vous with a girl named Paula. 37 YO (told me on the phone she was 26 and finaly told me her real age) 5,f 5,in, maby 145 pds, around 36/34/34 After I enter in her nice apt we chat a little and she invite me to her room to get to business. $120. 1 hour. Paula was nice but a little fat belly that I did not see when she was dressed. She has very nice natural 36C breast that I concentraded on for a while, she gave me BBBJ that was ordinary and when I went DATY she was a little smelly so I did not... then I began to do her right away and I didn,t go doggy since she realy didn,t have a nice ass :help: After we was done 40 minutes later, she offered me to smooke cigarette and chatted a bit and I was outa there for ever.... Thow she was nice with me she was not my type. Next time I,ll stay home and do cybersex if i,m to hot instead of calling that place. $120. badly spent...

Face: 3/5
Breast: 3.5/5
Body: 2/5
Personality: 3/5
Repeat: realy not :nono:

Greeker :yuck: