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  1. Le Penthouse

    Quote Originally Posted by backdoorjoe View Post
    well i went to le penthouse , and wow that place is special.
    the decor , the rooms from floor to ceilings are top notch.
    each room has a tv with porn playing ,thats a first i ever saw.
    getting a massage while watching.... Porn wow!!

    they had different room sizes with different rates, which i found a little expensive, but they need to pay for the decor i guess...

    well i didn't stay because the girls were either busy or had
  2. AVOID - Rebecca from annonce123

    Quote Originally Posted by pompyang1234 View Post
    Tried this girl:

    She's a total rip-off!!!

    I asked her for 1hr ($150). I asked her for extras and she said its an additional $100. Told her I only have $50 extra. She said yes. Little that I know she would only give me a 'cum only once service'. I made a stupid mistake handing out the money. She wanted me to cum fast since i told her that I do cum fast., she didn't slowed down and I blew off after 15mins. I
  3. Mer (bb) watch ... for Mer (b) watch .. go to the other thread.

    [QUOTE=Dissection Tool;154569]Because if you know this for fact, then there's reasons to think that Samia wasn't an "indy" to begin with.[/QUOTE]

    I'm listening to your reasoning on this. Obviously _______ thoughts are anecdotal at best.
  4. My e-book titled "The Impact of Incest" was launched yesterday


    I launched my e-book & website yesterday . If u want to read my e-book, I invite you & anyone else to visit my website >
    Sexual assault & incestuous abuse is often an emotionally painful experience that strikes at the heart of a personís identity & well being causing long term detrimental effects. Sexual assault & incestuous abuse interferes with fundamental rights, notably the right to bodily security and inviolability, and ...
  5. The ultimate exxxperience

    The quest....

    If money was no object... But if Big boobs, hot body and sexual drive were of upmost importance...who would you recommend ?

    ...Yes I dreamed of a threesome with Lanny Barbie and Kimberley Franklin.... or a few hours with Jenna Presley....

    Over the years I had a few memorable adventures with women from the local scene but I am looking for the ultimate sexxxperience and would like suggestions...

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