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  1. Looking for a gir

    Quote Originally Posted by Superman0711 View Post
    Iam looking for a brunette about 28 yo her number dont work no more she has a tramp stamp of a red skull whit flowers pls help
  2. Vanessa

    Quote Originally Posted by anong View Post
    I was looking a review about her. Are the pictures in the add, really her? Based on the pictures I was tempted but could not see any review. Can you please give more details about her service, attitute, pictures etc. Would be appreciated.
    If you are not comfortable by writing publically, you can PM.

    She not really like the picture, the place was not clean here attitude very mechanical.
    If you want to lose 100$ go a head.
    i do not usually ...
  3. *Sandra*....ok??!!

    [QUOTE=cutyjuju;181259]Ok.... wonder who you are...first of all i NEVER EVER charge extra to NOBODY! You are lying....and YOU know! If you would of almost died by strangulation...well probably you too would have a BIG GUY next door for security.... this kind of work unfortunetly attracks all the sick weirdos out there...i love what i do....but "to die for"... nahhh not really... honestly i don't get where this extra 20 bucks is coming is not nice AT ALL! When you find ...
  4. Will Super Sexe reopen?

    Quote Originally Posted by monboy0 View Post
    Chez Paree closing end of summer? They are crazy charging $ 8.50 for a 7 Up
    more then 3$ for that is a rip off except Cage aux sports where you get opentap softdrink all evening
  5. Arianne indépendante laval

    Quote Originally Posted by nikk View Post
    I really whant to book her

    I dont find any reviews except on her there risk?
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