Montreal Escorts Review Board Forum FAQ

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General Guidelines

Guidelines for Posting:

  • You must register for a username before submitting a review or post.
  • Check for existing related treads before making your post or starting a new tread. Please use the search function.
  • Try to post in the correct Section; example asking for info should be done in the “411 Seeking Info” forum and not the “Escort Outcall” forum. Moderators will move your tread to the correct section.
  • Do not post the same material in multiple sections or forums.
  • Be fair, respectful and honest with your reviews/posts; see Posting rules section for acceptable and inappropriate activities.
  • A difference of opinion is accepted, if not encouraged. Please do it intelligently, so we can all benefit from everyone's point of view.


General Posting Rules

Posting Rules

Acceptable Activities:

  1. Discussion of any subject that might be of interest to Montreal 's Escort Review Community (MERC). This also includes Ottawa and Quebec City Areas.
  2. Post respectful reviews/comments of the people, agencies and services you're referencing.

Unacceptable Activities:

  1. Do not post any personal information about anyone or anything unless it is already being personally advertised on the internet through legitimate pay advertising sites.
  2. Do not arrange any appointments or rendezvous' with any service providers by using this review board.
  3. Do not post using multiple Handles/Usernames. Only one handle per poster is allowed.
  4. Do not knowingly post any false review that slams a provider, agency or service.
  5. No derogatory terms or name calling such as: cunt, whore, bitch, slut, etc.
  6. No politically inappropriate wording against any race or religion.
  7. Disrespect towards other board members, service providers, agencies and related services will not be tolerated.
  8. No personal attacks or fighting with others, please take it to the “Flame Wars” section if you find it necessary to take this course of action.
  9. Intimidation by cyber bullying or ridicule is not acceptable.
  10. Do not promote your services or business. Please use our Merc advertisers section for your promotional needs.
  11. Links to free ad sites are acceptable in a review but not permitted in the Q&A threads.

Any post that doesn't respect our Rules/Guidelines will be deleted and the
offending poster will be appropriately warned or banned.


Heated Forum Rules & Guidelines

Heated Topics Rules & Guidelines:

  • Sometimes heated difference of opinions derail a thread to the detriment of the board. To conserve the thread you are strongly encouraged to take your differences to the Heated Forum section.
  • Although we don't encourage fighting, there are times when an opinion or point needs to be finished by the member. Use this area wisely as your words will reflect how other members might come to perceive you.
  • Name calling is no longer tolerated in the heated discussions forum.

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