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Infraction Policy

Merc Infraction Policy

     Members not respecting the posting rules and guidelines will be receiving infraction warnings with associated point values.
     Members will be notified of their infractions via an automatic private message.
     Point values are given depending on the severity of the infractions as outlined below:

Cause for Infractions:

  • Confrontational/Provocative Posting = 1 Point = Expires in 14 days
  • Insulting Other Member(s) = 1 Point = 1 Point = Expires in 14 days
  • Inappropriate Language/Name-Calling = 1 Point = 1 Point = Expires in 14 days
  • Knowingly Posting Personal Info - 2 Points = 1 Point = Expires in 14 days
  • Demeaning comments towards Race/Religion = 3 points = 1 Point = Expires in 14 days

     Once your infraction point count reaches the predetermined limit of 2 points, the system will automatically place you on moderated posting. If your infraction level reaches 4 points, you will be banned and reinstated when your points start to expire reducing your point count to 3 or lower.

     This does not preclude users from instant banning for indefinite periods concerning gross infractions.

Posting Personal Info

Posting of Personal Information:

  • Do not post phone numbers, names or locations that are not already publicly advertised in a local newspaper, phonebook or on legitimate paying advertising websites.
  • Legitimate websites for our purpose are sites where the service providers pay for their advertising or for their own personal site.
  • The posting of links to other web pages will be acceptable at MERC's discretion.
  • Please be careful as MERC does not tolerate any posting of personal info.

Age Appropriate Links/Photos

No activity (in the opinion of the moderators) - posts,photos,links or derivatives featuring,portraying,promoting or implying child pornography,underage promiscuity or pedophilia (where it is not obvious that the subject's age is above 18).

Photos - Showing Face

This review board will not allow any posting of face pics that appear to be private stock and which also are not already being displayed on the agency’s website.

Promotional Posting

Promotional Posting:

  • Only approved advertisers are allowed to promote their services.
  • Service providers, agencies and businesses are welcome to take part in discussions but not for the purposes of directly promoting your services.
  • Approved advertisers are denoted by a bold pink username.
  • To become an approved advertiser, contact MERC administration via the contact form or e-mail for futher details.

Handle Change Policy

Merc Handle Change Policy
  • Handle changes are limited to once a year with prior approval of board administration. Members who exceed this limit will have to serve a 3 month time away before commencing with the new handle. Non reporting and violations of this rule will result in disciplinary action.

Service Provider Participation in Review and Q&A Forums

Service Provider Participation in Review and Q&A Forums

  • Participation by Service-Providers in Review and Q&A threads shall be limited to a single relevent response to questions related to their services or to clear up issues. Board Moderation reserves the right to decide what is revelant and what is a remark just to bump up the thread.
  • Additionally, promotional posting is strictly limited to an advertiser's thread.

Posting in Advertiser's Thread

Only approved advertisers are allowed to post in the Advertiser's thread.

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