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Thread: Salon Pattaya 450-321-1448

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    Default Salon Pattaya 450-321-1448

    I've been there beginning of January, because I wanted to try a soapy massage. I had to try it ! They run an ad in Journal de Montreal every day.

    Everybody saw these videos of soapy massage with the asian young lady wearing glasses doing everything from bodywash to fs lol...Ohhlala.

    So I took an appointment with Cicia. Cover charge was 60$ for an hour soapy.

    They have a big room with a bed on the floor, a shower, a whirlpool and an inflatable bed laying on the wall. The place is nice and discreet enough.

    The receptionist opened the whirlpool and I marinated in there for 10 minutes in hot water. I was ready like a smoked meat from Schwartz.

    Cicia came in, she said she's japanese. She is very nice looking, 5'5, nice cups, with that round japanese face like a persian cat.

    So she joined me in the bath, and we chit chat for a couple of minutes. She said it's better to get the body on a warm temperature for the soapy - hey no problem hihihi.

    She then jumped out and installe the inflatable bed. She asked me to go on the bed.

    The massage ? Well it's basically all you see on the video, without bj or fs. I asked if she make ''mouth massage" but she showed me her hands !!!

    The interesting and arrousing part is when she glides on your body and genitals and masterbates you as well. The friction on your body is really cool, and different from a Thai/oil massage.

    After 45 mins I could'nt resist anymore and it was time to jump in the shower. She said to hurry she would massage me again but on the bed.

    120$ tip for the soapy - yes it's a lot of work for the girl to clean the mess afterwards.

    All in all, it's expensive but different. I will return.

    Went again two week ago, Cicia was not there, had Lili (see stats on the website) she said : it's 30 min and 160$. She asked me how much Cecia charged me and said "well I am not the owner so it's more"...

    She made a thai more than a soapy.And she told me the worst thing "so... are you cumming ?" grrrr will not repeat with her. 160$ + 60$ for the crappy service, forget it.

    ...deleted by Mod1...

    Here is the website it you would like to go. You gotta ask for Cecia. Not Lily for a soapy.

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    expensive but interesting. Thanks for the info.

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    Confused Soap

    I checked out there Web-Site, they do mention the Soapy Massage, but no picture of the room to bad! They also have no pictures of the Girls,


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    If you look at Journal de Montréal, page 85, it's written in the ad

    SALON PATTAYA enr. NOUVEAU ! Soapy massage 450-321-1448 www.salonpattaya.com

    That's how I found out.

    I've been reading here and in the green board people (like me) looking for a real soapy so I couldn't resist

    To Mod 1 : I don't know why you took off the Registraire des Entreprises reseach I did, this is public info, available to anybody. No mystery there...

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