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Thread: Sweet Angel Smile review??

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    Default Sweet Angel Smile review??

    Hi guys

    I'm looking for company tonight and Angel as caught my attention anyone has review about her? she seems very nice.



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    Default Sweet Angel Smile


    I had the opportunity to be with Sweet Angel a while ago. She is just as pretty as photos on the website. Her face is great, dark brown hair with curls and with that girl next door look. When I called her she was very polite and professional. She walked in the room and I couldn't help but stare at her eyes. They were warm and inviting. She was very casually dressed, not skanky, not a lot of makeup and no heavy perfume. My wife can pick up another girls scent even before I walk in the door. Angel called her driver after we took care of the fee. We got some of the rules out the way, No DATY, no FS, CBJ only (bummer). She started out doing a sensual massage all over which didn't take me long to get totally aroused. She put on hat and proceeded with a BJ which was slow and very sexy. I wasn't allowed DATY but she didn't mind digits so I got her rocking moaning and grinding with my fingers. I came after 30 minutes of stroking and sucking. We chatted a bit about her specialty which is anal play, prostate massage, fisting, GS and domination. I was curious to find out how such a young woman (20yrs old) could know so much about a man's anatomy and what makes him tick (or explode) We chatted so much that I really found her intriguing, smart and streetwise despite her young age. Well before I knew time was up. I wasn't up to getting anything shoved up my ass especially since this was our first meeting. I don't let anyone shove anything up my ass on a first meeting. I'm not into the domination thing or GS but of course never say never until you try it. I think I have to totally trust a girl before I would let her tie me up and abuse me. Hmmmm now that I'm thinking about it, maybe I'll call Angel again and explore a bit. A beautiful, sweet and professional girl that has a dirty side. If you are into what she is offering on her website I believe you won't be disappointed.

    The Hun

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