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Thread: Zo from montrealxxx.ca

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    Smile Zo from montrealxxx.ca

    I call zo two time, shes 18 years old...she's so hot it amazing.....
    the first time was more fun actully, but i cant say why, I gess she had a bad day...let me just say that she know what to do, she's not shy at all...she allow digit, dfk, but as i said in my first post with tamika, i am not a fanatic of anal or what ever else she might do...but she was so great, she get naked right away, but you know not like if she want to finish rigth away, but more like: ok let have sex now because i like it...and than she start touching me...and well you know, the rest was perfect...look this perfect body....and i suggest, you try her with coralie in the same agence, she told me they are good friends, i try bolt girl but not in the same time....i will post on coralie later....


    Look 10
    personality 8
    attitute 8
    service 10
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