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Thread: 8776 Lajeunesse

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    Thumbs down 8776 Lajeunesse

    I went there yesterday
    Avoid this pace
    The price is high 50$/h
    Thai for 85$/h
    Prima donna girl
    Massage Skill : 0/10 they hurt my back I get out after 10 minutes and she ask me money because I see her naked big deal I see girl naked every where and I am a 25 years old good looking men, so I went to see the manager but they leave and the girl complaint about money so I just runaway and forget about my 50 $ is the first time of my life I leave a MP before the end , actually first on ten time and I saw other post tell the same thing so I just be an Idiot to go there.
    Massage skill: - 1 000 000 / 10
    Monica mex girl cl
    If the girl have no massage skill they should provide extra or go out
    of business. That my point and I think a lot of men share this point.The worst she tell me we can talk danme talk about wath the fact she destroy my back

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    Default 8776 lajeunesse 514- 658-1767

    Sorry S: I am sure the address is 8776 then yeh I was there last Sunday and avoid just money hungry woman. I had Ivey ( Ivy? ), took one hour started at 1:35 took a shower she comes in after about 1:40 does a lame massage, at 2:00 asks me to flip? She asks do you want something else massaged I say yeh my dick. She says it will cost you ( dah ), 20 for hand job, 75 all clothes off. I said I only have 40 so she says only dress comes off for 40 I said OK like an idiot. So on to the hand job relax we have time came in 3 minutes tops, I say we still have time it was 2:05 she says take shower and after we could talk? ( wtf would i want to talk to you for ) anyways took the shower told he she can go. She actualy said she must clean the room first OK.

    massage= very lame
    additude= was good
    hand job= to rushed
    botton line never again

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    Thumbs down Lajeuneese

    Yeah Im glad to have cut my loss quick.

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    Default Joanna

    Ive seen Joanna's ads often on cl has anyone tried her?

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    Thumbs up Joanna

    After viewing this ad I had to see those flashers in person lol http://montreal.en.craigslist.ca/ers/1386599761.html so I tried calling and no one answered.I thought I had the wrong number so I checked the ad again to make sure and still no answer.So I figured i'll try another day.I happened to be in the area and I dropped by and was greeted by a cute receptionist who I later found out was joanna.So I paid her for the hour and hopped on to the table to await her presence.She is nice person who is shy and quiet but opens up more as time goes along.I think shes taller than 5ft1 and I think she's closer to 150 but nonetheless I found her very attractive for a bbw.She seemed more of european descent than what is advertised but I found her attractive.Upon the flip she asked me if I had anything in mind and I said i`ll have the usual.So she got undressed and man those juggs were sweet.We enjoyed dfk,digits and a nice thai massage.There was a couch in the room but ill try it on the couch next time.
    Tip was left at my discretion
    Overall I had a good experience will repeat

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    Cool New Website


    Everything is there it's just next to Crémazie metro !!!

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    Thumbs up Tina 18 ans fresh and hot for you tonight

    Je suis allé la voir au «Salon de massage Les 4 Reines» qui semble être le nouveau nom de «Relaxe-Foyer». Une jeune femme toute jeune totalement belle et charmante bien
    qu'encore inexpérimentée. Elle y va progressivement dans l'apprentissage de son métier donc peu de kilométrage comme on dit. Mais elle est tout de même très généreuse d'elle même et j'ai passé un moment exquis. Elle une qualité de présence qui compense le fait qu'elle ne fasse que débuter dans ce nouveau travail. Tina est une vraie beauté des Caraïbes et sa grande timidité ne l'empêche aucument de combler son client de plaisirs. Je suis sorti du salon en planant sur un nuage. Il est rès rare qu'une masseuse me fasse un tel effet...avoir son âge j'en serais tomber amoureux. Elle a des yeux superbes et une bouche que j'aurai bien aimé prendre si j'y avais été autorisée bref elle m'a rempli de désirs... Dans le genre fraîcheur, candeur et gentillesse c'est le top. Je vais retourné la voir c'est certain. Par contre, j'ai trouvé le prix d'entrée trop élevé pour ce type de salon: 70$/heure.

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    Default 8776 lajeunesse

    This place is horrible my buddy called them up and asked who was available.The girl told them it was a quiet so all 3/4 girls are available so he booked an appointment and showed up on time 30 minutes later.When he got to the main entrance and was clim**** up the stairs he noticed a camera.They didn't open the door.Either they were all busy all of a sudden or it was a case of racism because he was black?
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    Default Aisha

    I was in the area and wanted to check this place, having seen ads in the 24h or metro
    the location is so good and they confirmed being 24/7 however the girls said that they sometimes don't open when they are busy or when the only available girl sleeps.....

    My encounter:

    Phoned up when I was at the metro 2 girls were availabe 1 russian 1 dominican, a presentation was offered. got there 2 minutes later and waited 5 mins up the stairs. Aisha opened and showed me to the room, nice and clean with a massage table(not prepared), a bed and a shower, 35$/30min.

    As for the presentation apparently the other girl was sleeping, if it's true well she just lost 80$.
    Aisha is about 20, cute no more, nice breasts C maybe, says she's been doing this 7-8 months.
    The massage is absolutely boaring, usually when the flip comes I'm already hard, no technique and nothing to make you ask for more.
    The thai is uninspired and I felt I was playing with an inflateble doll. She was more insterested in looking at the clock than taking care of me.

    I might return there but not with her

    Cheers Sam

    PS Mods can you change the thread title by fixing the adress it's 8776 the salon has 2 names either 4 reines ou petites princesses.
    the internet adress on the door is not working.

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    was in area and gave this place a shot. two asian chicks working. receptionist had huge (probably fake) tits and ended up being the one who my sesh was with. price was $40 for 30 mins or 55 for 1hr. i went for the half hr. menu was layed out right away (40 for hj, 60 for bj, 100 fs).

    took a shower and she was already in the room the second i got out of the shower. no dimmed lights, nothing remotely sensual about this encounter! massage was awful (dont know wtf she was trying to do, but it felt like she was joking). Flip came with minimal teasing. i saw her getting a condom out so I told her I wanted a bj first. she puts a condom on my dick and starts giving me the lamest bj ever. bad enough I can't get a bbbj for 60, this was not even remotely acceptable in terms of effort! so I'm like 'alright why don't you try stroking it for awhile. that was only marginally better, but so mechanical. I get that you'd rather be doing a lot of things than jerking a guy off at 3 on a Sunday afternoon but wtf. these places are so hot or miss. so i tried to salvage it going for the fs, but it was already too much of a turn off to enjoy. damage 130 (which was all i had). Wont be back!

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