Hello Guys,

I met with Camelia today Salon Malezia. I wanted to share what I found. Previous I found 1 review with not a lot of detail so I'll try and expand on it. The room was very clean, clean towels, clean shower that I used before and after the massage. Nice decor candles burning, low light. I will saw it was a bit warm in the room. A combination of the days heat and humidity and the candles I'm sure.


Description appears accurate but pictures don't do her justice. She is a very sensuous looking woman. Smoking hot dark hair with a mischievous smile. Camelia is in my opinion a kockout. She is in her early 20's. Man made, very nice, firm with some room at the nipples for playing.

She admitted her English isn't great but neither is my French and we did just fine. I took an hour for $40 with Thai option +$120. Seemed kinda pricey but for once I just went for it for the team hoping I don't shock the market too much. I didn't get access to the Y or LFK or DFK for that matter ( I did tough the Y and got a gentle repremand. What I did get was a GREAT head to toe ( actually toe to head) massage with teasing along the way in thai fashion( I guess, its my first one). Kissing and squeezing of some major sized yaabo's. Good HJ finish with lots of care along the way and cleanup. Good shower with mutual soaping. Used the entire hour with no hint of rushing. There is a clock in the room to keep track.

Would I repeat ? She IS freaking hot and nice in a sultry, non-communicative kinda way ! But I'm not so sure, having so little experience in the massage/Thai arena if my $$ went as far as it could in similar circumstances elsewhere. You guys will let me know if I got good value.