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Thread: Lajeunesse

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    Default Lajeunesse

    just went by Lajeunesse this morning and found nothing. its been a few days and still nothing.
    Maybe it got cleaned up?

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    Default Lajeunesse

    you'll have more luck in the afternoons 3pm +

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    Default Blonde short hair with mullet

    I was driving last night on Lajeunesse street near the 2 famous motels,motel metro and I forgot what the other ones name is but anyhow I saw a blonde sw dressed in black she had like a mullet thing going on real short in the front and long in the back.Man was she ugly lol back in the day it was alot easier to pickup a cutie or atleast decent looking now they all look horrible unless any of you guys have anything good to recommend with all her teeth and hair.

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    Another member on another board said that his friend was watching the news and that they have cameras on lajeunesse in front of motel metro.These cameras take pictures of your liscence plate.If it catches you talking to an SP, the cops send u a letter in the mail saying you appeared to be soliciting a girl.

    I don't know about cameras but I did see a redhead at the bus stop talking on her cellphone.She looked too good to be a sw maybe she was an undercover cop or those rare gems.Then I saw 3 others showup and they were definately sw they looked trashy and were on something.There was one in a summer dress she looked average but the other 2 were horrible.I circled around the block was waiting at a light when out of nowhere a cop car shows up and pulls into the ultramar gas station.I don't know if it was the cameras or a random checkup but I'm pretty sure they were there for that.Also saw a black guy on the street I don't if it was there pimp or something he had a cellphone in hand and kept giving me dirty looks.

    p.s. also note to the the guy in the beatup green van I know you were looking for action but buddy for your sake can you make it less obvious lol becareful

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    Fuck the guy at the front desk doesn't he know that 99% of his business comes from guys like us or sps?Dumbass

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    Quote Originally Posted by maw227 View Post
    the cops knocked on the door harassed us both to the max..
    Not sure but I did not think it was illegal to have an escort in " your " motel room.
    Why test on animals when we have prisons full of pedophiles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by THEHITMAN View Post
    Fuck the guy at the front desk doesn't he know that 99% of his business comes from guys like us or sps?Dumbass
    Well the guy at the front desk could of been a fucking asshole and a dumbass, or jealous, or many other things...trust me theres lots of them out there, I was just replying to what you said about cameras and law enf.But if you want to fucking go in there go for it.

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    Spotted a chubby brunette near motel metro.I think I've seen her before in the past when I drove by.
    This was on a Saturday morning around 11 am.

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    PS TONY TOMASSI got pinched near Lajeunesse by Montreal police ........ sobe careful out there. These stupid laws need to change.

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    I would like to add now even talking or communicating even in private is illegal under new laws.

    Its insane. I agree that we should stay away from teh streets because cops troll all the time. This is from my expereince in my past.

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