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    Default Lajeunesse

    just went by Lajeunesse this morning and found nothing. its been a few days and still nothing.
    Maybe it got cleaned up?

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    Default Lajeunesse

    you'll have more luck in the afternoons 3pm +

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    Default Blonde short hair with mullet

    I was driving last night on Lajeunesse street near the 2 famous motels,motel metro and I forgot what the other ones name is but anyhow I saw a blonde sw dressed in black she had like a mullet thing going on real short in the front and long in the back.Man was she ugly lol back in the day it was alot easier to pickup a cutie or atleast decent looking now they all look horrible unless any of you guys have anything good to recommend with all her teeth and hair.

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    Another member on another board said that his friend was watching the news and that they have cameras on lajeunesse in front of motel metro.These cameras take pictures of your liscence plate.If it catches you talking to an SP, the cops send u a letter in the mail saying you appeared to be soliciting a girl.

    I don't know about cameras but I did see a redhead at the bus stop talking on her cellphone.She looked too good to be a sw maybe she was an undercover cop or those rare gems.Then I saw 3 others showup and they were definately sw they looked trashy and were on something.There was one in a summer dress she looked average but the other 2 were horrible.I circled around the block was waiting at a light when out of nowhere a cop car shows up and pulls into the ultramar gas station.I don't know if it was the cameras or a random checkup but I'm pretty sure they were there for that.Also saw a black guy on the street I don't if it was there pimp or something he had a cellphone in hand and kept giving me dirty looks.

    p.s. also note to the the guy in the beatup green van I know you were looking for action but buddy for your sake can you make it less obvious lol becareful

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    Fuck the guy at the front desk doesn't he know that 99% of his business comes from guys like us or sps?Dumbass

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    Quote Originally Posted by maw227 View Post
    the cops knocked on the door harassed us both to the max..
    Not sure but I did not think it was illegal to have an escort in " your " motel room.
    Why test on animals when we have prisons full of pedophiles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by THEHITMAN View Post
    Fuck the guy at the front desk doesn't he know that 99% of his business comes from guys like us or sps?Dumbass
    Well the guy at the front desk could of been a fucking asshole and a dumbass, or jealous, or many other things...trust me theres lots of them out there, I was just replying to what you said about cameras and law enf.But if you want to fucking go in there go for it.

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    Spotted a chubby brunette near motel metro.I think I've seen her before in the past when I drove by.
    This was on a Saturday morning around 11 am.

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    PS TONY TOMASSI got pinched near Lajeunesse by Montreal police ........ sobe careful out there. These stupid laws need to change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ocean View Post
    PS TONY TOMASSI got pinched near Lajeunesse by Montreal police ........ sobe careful out there. These stupid laws need to change.

    i did the street thing for many years and stopped a number of years back.
    I learnt many things
    cops when they are doing busts and undercover stuff always work in teams of 2 a man and a woman sometimes 2 teams of 2.
    i was with a senior membe years back on standre and we saw a bust go down 6 feet from us.we were both suprised
    they didnt look like cops but when they took off their normal oveercoats to control people in teh area they had the police vesdts underneath.
    id bet tony got pinched in a car
    it is always better on foot.
    if you are in a area for prostitutes adn dont lvie there grab a meal prior and get a receipt
    then your reason for being there is you has a meal and taking a walk to walk it off.
    when i used to do ontario near sthubert i and a few membes registerd at the big library close by as well so we could say we were going to the library
    and we became famalir with businesses
    i would get mya hair cut at smarties on sthubert ontario had their business card
    i woudl regularly use certain teller machines to withdraw money
    and would gamble at funspot citibar and anotehr 2 bars east of papineau on ontario
    aside from the food receipts i would take picturs of the meals
    i remembe 1 day a bunch of cops on foot patrol stopped me to ask waht i ws doing io showed them the picture of the meal recommended the place and they didnt bother
    only 1 time a agressive alpha male prick cop told me i dont lvie here i dont belong here
    i felt like telling him to fuck off noen of his business but i felt descretion was the better part of valor since this only happened 1x in about 20 yrs.

    choice of words is very important..girls i knew i had trained
    conversationwenta s following which was great if the girl was with a bunch of oterh girls and dealers
    hi how are you
    waht you up to girls would ask
    my default answer ''taklinga walk''
    ones i ahd trained would say do you midn if i join you--which meant ill be sucking your cock soon or you will be fucking me,
    choice of words to a enw fgirl is very important but even mreo important is to scope out her areea a for a bit to see anything unuisual
    most carry a purse with condoms drugs and oterh needed stuff so if a street girl looks too good..we saw 1 1 time no purse and felt it strange we watched ehr pick up a guy then a bunch of cop cars come .use instinct if he dont feel good walk.

    new girl--hi waht you up to iof she says workin she is probably a hooker but could be a girl in teh area taking a break from a real job 1x i amde the mistake adn she flipped on me when i asked what was her rates.
    sex for money in a public place is a crime conversation inside a hotel room it 2 consenting adults.cops lie and cheat to do a bust some times so do be carefuill
    the law and waht is actually right is not the same.
    people say street girls are dirty more than a regular escort.

    I can say i lvoe inuits they are my chinese with no morals.that being said i would sauy inuits are the highest risk group.if you look at reports of mts their group even thouhg smallest in population is highest in incadence of syphlis hepatitis hiv inparticular and other stuf

    over 20 ys i can say street girls i met i can count on 1 hand ones who smelled from arms or ass.
    from waht i have seen is day a higher amount of massage girls offered sex no condom.. i use condoms this i why i am still al;ive and not sick.do not take a chance.
    strippes-endless ones i have seen get knocked up so think they use comdoms steret girls take less chances on average then them but to be fair young people in geneal think they are invincable

    so you run the risk of arrest on teh street
    you run th risk of arrest in a massage studio
    you run teh risk of arrest in a incall place
    if caught its a criminal offence $5000 to atart out a criminal laawyer and a criminal record which means if you liek to travel forget it till after time you again pay to try fget this removed

    private domains-massage-escort unless neighbours complain and the peson in question is not here illegally involved in drugs or a minor its unlikely a judge would issue a warrent which involced a team of cops to bust jsut 2 persons a privider and 1 client
    a massage studio is a public domain and they can jstu walk in and if they feel a crime is beign commited they can investigate and if your jsut getting a massage room 1 and in room 2 sex is going on you go down with teh studio bust not fair but the law is not fair..a buddie mine jus went in a studio to return a fucking key to a toilet and ended up with sapinas ging to his house and a year in court..they coherst him into being a reluctant witness cause wen they questioned him he mad e the msitake of sayign he was a customer in teh past instead hey i just borrowed a toilet key
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