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Thread: Le Bar - 1650 Belanger

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    Default Le Bar - 1650 Belanger

    Has anyone been to Bar 1650 lately, on Belanger & Marquette (1 block west of Papineau)

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    It’s a very small place. A few years ago it was a bar where you can have an expensive drink while you chat with a few ugly ladies who dress sexy!! Most of them were over 30. I don’t know if it’s still that kind of place.

    Hope this help
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    Hi Marianne,

    I've been there but I wanted to know if anyone has been there recently.

    Thanks anyhow

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    I've been there about 2 month's ago. First time... felt a little odd. Played the megatouch machine.... stayed about 1/2hour. Was interesting. About 4 to 5 girls, variety of age. mostly youngish. One cutie on the phone. didnt mingle, they all seemed busy. wouldnt mind going back. will report if i do.

    PS. Marianne...if I could afford you honey..... grrr.... i looooove redheads. Damn my poor ass. You wouldnt have 5 minute rates, huh?

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    Did you talk to anyone their ? Was there a short girl with long straight red hair there by the name of Nancy ?

    P.S. If you had come to the 1st party at Solid Gold you would have met Marianne

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    the girl on the phone was blonde from what i remember. she smiled at me as i walked in, and i sorta understood from her conversation that she wasent to keen on meeting a certain client.

    If she were a redhead.... named nancy or not.. i would have hounded her.

    As far as parties go, it is really hard to attend... with my work and all. Its not that im hiding or shy, but free time is hard to find.

    PS: if you are in the east end SL, pm me, i know of another similar type place, which i might post about soon.

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    I haven't noticed Mairanne's rates. I should look, but then again I can barely afford the list I have already :p .
    Just too many beautiful women.

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    Screw it. I'll be there tonight, at about 8pm. Anyone interested in going, pm me

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    Come on you lurkers join in too, both on the board & at 1650

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    Marianne....come, please oh please......

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    ghetto superstar


    Hi Chewie,

    I used to go there more often 3-4 years ago.... last time I went was 4 months ago... I had a drink and since all the ladies were busy with other clients, I left... I remember a girl (sorry I forgot her name) who once gave me a bbbj for free in my car... but except from that one occasion, I didn't have such luck... Maybe I'll drop by tonight... so far how many of you are going? SL? Chewie? any others?

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    I was there one time a few years ago.... left with an average looking girl...taxi... had to get food for her first... then to Motel.. then eat meal...then she requested that I severally limit my activity with her I said OK(no FS just lame dance and uninspired BJ) just ended up being a boring expensive poor bj.

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    ghetto superstar


    I decided to go at the 1650... not to pick up a girl but just because I happened to notice the thread and like Chewie said : Screw it, I'm going there tonight...

    when I entered the place... nothing had changed...always Dan behind the bar...the same usual suspects: one or two perverts, one old guy, a big guy "biker style" with his entourage...and 5-6 different girls...

    A girl I've seen before take my order, ($5 for a beer) and I tip her $2. I decide to sit at the back, near the washroom...
    there is one blond girl I find very hot but she is sitting at the bar chatting with a 60 year old man and I can't get her attention...no chance there...
    another girl, a black one, looks young and has a nice ass and full lips... but she's chatting with another girl I don't find very attractive and she seems bored...

    Another blonde is too old and not my type... anyway, I ended up finishing my beer and leaving right away...I think I may have passed by Chewie and SL on my way out... were you guys sitting next to the entrance?


    P.S. I usually go there in the afternoon. It's more quiet and you have a better chance of hooking up with a girl (from my experience anyway)

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    Default So who went there ?? We were tempted...

    Hi guys...

    By reading your posts yesterday, we were tempted to go too, but we heard that girls who arrive just like this are not realy welcome by the regular girls...

    So who went finally ???

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    Had I know you where going there last night we would have stopped by we where already down town. We went for dinner and after we went for a drink at W the new hotel. I have been doing some research for my ongoing anthropology study about SW in Montreal and wanted to see a few bars that had SW working in them and I had been debating dropping by some time on Belanger.

    Some info on your night would be nice to read.


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    Suzan&Michele next time you get the urge to go out like that pm us we will go. That way we will out number them .


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    Sorry but it was a last minute thing.

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    Default A bast from the past

    Ok guy's ill let you in on a little secret (...)

    Bar 1250 used to be Bar l'apres guerre in 1991 and i used to hang out there with Rockabillies and Skinheads . In 1995 i went back to see what was going on there and i noticed i was a chezzy place filled with guy's that i dont want to be with and a few cuties . One girl named Melanie asked me if i wanted to play pool .

    Well we played pool , drank , drunk and spent the night together (at her mothers place) . Since then i have been interested in meeting girls (SP's , mp's , sw's all kinds) .

    I have a big network behind me that feeds me info on many agencies , girls , massages places and bars .

    The 1250 is not the best place to pick up because most of the girls are older (and usualy we want younger) . But is still a good place to stop in and have a draft beer when it's warm outside !

    The girls will quickly ask you if it is your first time in and if you are single . To be honest with you they dont care all they want is your $$$ so make sure you are getting a girl that fits your BILL and negociate the price and the services (... tbc)

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    Are you mixing up Bar 1250 (St Denis) in a thread for Bar 1650 (Belanger) ?

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    Default No mix up im making a point !


    to resume my little story make sure when you are at 1250 to have a plan . Most of these girls are not newbies and know how to get the 20$ and 50$ out of your wallet .

    Then there is 1650 Belanger . Same type of bar but not close to down town more in the midle of town . The biggest difference is that the girls here are younger and they will serve you alcool .

    As soon as you walk in one girl will jump on you and ask you what you want to drink . My trick is to ask her what she wants to drink and we take a drink together and then i let her mingle with the other guys but i tell her not to stay to far from me since i dont want her to dissapear on me .

    It is official that the girls at 1650 are indy. escorts they offer all sorts of services and the prices vary from 80-300$ per hour . I have had a few dates and my best one was when Daniel the manager-bartender hooked me up with 2 girls from sherbroke . They had just got into town and i offered them to go eat a snack and then i got a room at chablis and we ended 3 in the jacuzzi boy was i a happy camper

    So you walk in act like you where there last month and go with the flow . Always have a backup plan you never know who will be there

    Any questions just pm me


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