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Thread: Massage Venus - 1670 St-Zotique E - 514-593-4447

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    Default Massage Venus - 1670 St-Zotique E - 514-593-4447


    This week I visited Massage Venus for the first time, where I had a session with Maya. I used to be one of her regulars at Adagio I, before she took a long hiatus. I can now happily report that she is as good as she ever was! I wrote several full reviews of her at the time on other sites, and everything I said about her in those reviews (all positive) is still true today. I never published these reviews on MERC, but if anyone is interested, I can still do so. Because I have already fully reviewed Maya multiple times, this will not be a full review.

    Here is my summary of Maya:

    She is as strikingly beautiful as ever. She has a radiant smile, and a fantastic body!

    She is very pleasant to talk to and is a great conversationalist.

    She does a great Russian and certainly has the equipment for it, and her finish certainly does not disappoint!

    Now that I have have found her again, Maya is a definate repeat for me.
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