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Thread: Cabaret Gentlemen Grenville

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    Default Cabaret

    424 Principale
    west of Long-Sault Bridge from Hawkesbury ON
    Grenville, Quebec, Canada
    (819) 242-6857
    Near: Hawkesbury

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    Exclamation Info

    Any info available on this place

    as per a post Stripclublist.com it is 20$ a dance place
    Is it a FS club


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    Default 8o views

    80 views on My post about this new place and no one can make any comments on this place

    too bad

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    According to SC list, it is a FS club. One post mentions that there are former girls from l'éclypse working there.

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    This club is FS, been there a few times. Night is better than day. Sometimes you can catch few nice look girls. Price farely reasonable but booth could be more comfortable there's only a chair. But this I say is closest fs club going to toward ottawa. If you like bit of travel Body shop is best looking club which is in st jerome to Hiilltop and Frontenier which is west. but for the ottawa consommers these would be the closest drive. Which is good for me since i'm 40 min east of ottawa. Caberat is ok for Quick stop but the Hill, body shop, and frontenier is way hotter for women.

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    Default phone number ???

    It doesnt work !!
    Is it still open ? i'll like to know more about this joint ! How much is it ?
    less expensive then thew hilltop and frontiere ?

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    Default Yes !!

    we went there 2 times with some friends ! and yes it a full service club ! girls are beautiful and little LESS expensive then the hilltop and frontiere....

    we had a bj for 80 $
    and fullservice for 160 $

    A great night both time !

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    Went there last friday night to check the ''combat de boxe '' de Bute and check the little girls:

    But we were dissapointed, 6 girls max ! on a friday night
    2 were cute
    2 were normal
    2 were..... never mind !

    80 $ BJ
    160 $ FS

    Damage 80 $

    Next time I wont stay longer, I'll go to the Hill Top OR THE FRONTIERE.

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    been there twice, both during the day. One or 2 girls each time but lucked out with cute girl next door types that both gave good service for 140. Forget the names, last time was 4 months ago or so.

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    Default Cabaret Gentlemen Grenville

    Fell into this dive by accident last week after a poker game in the sticks ended early.

    Just across the bridge from Hawksberry.

    About 8-9 girls, some old, so fat, some black, and about the same number of clients.
    They all drive in from town for the evening.

    Dances are $20, but I had no incentive to ask what you got for that.

    Girls were nice enough though and they all stopped by to say hi and chat.

    Ran into one young girl named Lilly, who I had banged at two or three other places (Chloes, Sublime and one other place) who was quite nice...but I just could not get it up for her.

    Nothing to write home about. This place is a real dive, as bad as the Hilltop.

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    Amazingly this bar is still open. Minimal girls, but there are some gems here. They've recently redone their pool table and it's nice. The CRs are prtty nice. It seems that the bar is under new management or ownership, I'm not entirely sure which.

    This bar could be prime if the girls would make their way out I'm sure.


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    I recently posted about this place too...


    It may make sense to merge the threads...

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    Can u eat their pussy? How open minded are these girls? Like to they bbbj or take it in the arse? Always wanted to know never been there.

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    This place is a dump, not one single good looking girl in the place when I went, the trailer park boys would absolutely love this dump of a building.

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    It is true that the place is somewhat of a dump.
    But there is new management in place; just wondering if they will be willing to do the necessary required modifications.

    That's a hit-n-miss place; either is 1/10 or it's 9/10.
    When it's 9/10, quality rivals any nice club out there. But it's random.
    And as other clubs, some girls are very nice and it's small enough to talk freely and enjoy each other's company; but some others are sharks that don't care about you and just want the money, that's it.

    Haven't been there in a few months because as I said, it's dumpy but I hope it changes gradually.

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    what is this club like now? any improvement? is it YMMV ?

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    I haven't passed by in like 10 years. I believe its the same people who use to run L'eclypse II in Rigaud more than 10 years ago when that one shut down. Nowadays I have no clue. Its not on my route anymore to nowhere so I don't bother going out that way. Your best bet for a fs clug is le gent in marieville, get wheels dude!
    “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results” - Albert Einstein.

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