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Thread: 2543 rue centre 514-931-9898

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    Default 2543 rue centre 514-931-9898

    One hell of a day
    i arrived here no apointment like i usually do and she was busy with a client
    i came back 20 mintues later and took 1 hr with the stunningly beautiful kayla
    19 yr old mix brazilian and french
    there is picture on craigslist which got my attention but i think the owner put somone close to her looks not her actual pic..i was sold on the picture on the internet but when i saw this girl my eyes almsot fell out
    stunning man o man run for this one-she has no idea of the value of her ass..i was sure she was going to ask $300 WHICH I WOULD HAVE PAID.
    in all my years in teh game this girl is amazing.she has an ass which looks like ti came from years of figure skateng and tits right out of teh box--she is stunningly beautifyl,face like an angel and personality to match-a real gem
    her price which im still stunned at was $100. everything is safe not gfe.has massage skills but hey when i saw that face and body i said lets skip the massage and we can finish up with that and it was no problem with her.I think i could jsut sit and gaze at her face absolutely stunning
    and the body attached to this is the cherry on the cake next to her great personality.i think she only works weekends so before she ups and goes you all deserve a crack at the best thing which has come along in 30 yrs in this biz..wow

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    Default beware of bait and switch expecially with kayla i saw

    a poster contacted me and described the kayla they dumped on him as skinny and older
    so this chinese cunt who runs this place does not only bait and switch with the actual pictures but when a girl is popular and you ask if she is not there she dumps another girl on you
    the craigslist pictue of kalya is that of a cute girl but definatly not the girl i saw who told me the ower puts a picture which si close to the girl as she (kayla would never put her real pictue on the net
    the girl i saw claimed to be 19 -had a really young face
    latina type body not skinny tiny waste hips ass tits
    as well the girl i saw said she only works on weekends
    not haveing a real pictue this c-u-n-t who runs this palce can switch all she wants
    this really pisses me off when i recomend a girl and maybe no one would get to see the real one,,

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    Default jessy

    Went there last Tuesday had a what looked like a sexy asian lady with nice body maybe 36C but natural .
    She gives a very good thai massage, I usually take one hour with her, and she covers a good amount of the surface with her nice C cups . she uses her 36C to finished me nicely since they felt so good between junior :-)

    physically speaking, she's more like 36C not a 36D as in the description, Her striking feature is her nice ass and her natural C cups . she has curves in the right places and she is pretty cute too. I would try her again since she is not money hungry as other asian ladies.

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    Nevermind... Jae45 is asking for Eva in a bunch of threads... I was under the impression he knew she was still there but this place has been closed for a while...
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