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Thread: Ypg spa 5660 parc ave 514 419 0799

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    Default Ypg spa 5660 parc ave 514 419 0799

    Decided to give this place a try met Mari a beautiful woman too bad she doesn't work she should she would do quite well.If you talk to Mari and explain what your looking for she can guide you.So she suggested I try Kim let me tell you no regrets.She has nice thick calves and legs.I was told she is vietnamese but upon further discussion with her she had some latin in her?I enjoyed my session with her would repeat and will passby to try others.Nothing was discussed left tip on my discretion.Didn't count the money put it in purse and smiled.Now thats class.
    Thanks Kim and Mari

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    Default Rihanna

    Dropped in again and met Rihanna finally busy woman and I know why.She is one sexy sultry woman.This lady gave me the time of my life .All in great woman will return to see her and the others

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    Default Manuela

    Had the honour of meeting manuela recently and at first she gave me a cold stare but that stare turned into lustful stare with a smile.This woman never took her eyes off of me she made me seem like I was her lover/bf/husband wtv you want to call it.She was all smiles during the session.She is in the elite league at ypg spa with rihanna. Merci manuela et mari xoxox

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    Default Malika

    Malika is a spinner or like I would like to say a timbit. Small and petite but fun to be with.For a small girl she can give a nice strong massage.She is learning alot from rihanna and I guess the other girls are as well.Had a nice session with her.Thanks Malika will return always do and have.

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    Default Manuela 2nd session

    I took a fellow members advice and took the jacuzzi room with Manuela and he was right.It really is the cherry on a sundae.Thanks for the room I didn't know about it I guess it's used often by everyone.It shall be used by me as well in the near future.Thanks Manuela for a 2nd session but not the last.

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    What are their prices??? How much for options??? You can PM if you want.

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    Default Samia

    I decided to try Samia upon a referral and no regrets.She is young woman in her early twenties.Slim with dark hair and beautiful eyes.She is of Morrocan descent.She seems new at this but can take instructions well and is eager to please.She is definately a keeper a gem that will grow over time.The only drawback was cigarette on her breath and her legs weren't properly waxed or shaved but she is a keeper.Will repeat.Thanks referral and Samia

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    Default Louise

    I met Louise she is young quebecoise brunette in her early twenties and new I'm guessing.She has a cute face and nice eyes I find.She's not much of talker I guess she's shy.She can take instructions and guidance quite well and overtime will be part of the elite.I enjoyed my session with her no complaints.She is a flower that will blossom overtime.Will repeat
    Only problem was I lost track of time and the ville de montreal left me a ticket on my car

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    Default Nicole

    Met nicole recently let me tell you besides the pics that looked good only might've been photoshopped.
    She is young and she is new.Someone needs to teach her that looking at the ceiling/clock every 5mins kills the mood and doesn't make the time go faster.Horrible attitude didn't smile much not very talkative.She is a blonde quebecoise. Her massage was soso there's one only part that I liked the rest was horrible.Will return to try others

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    Default Lina

    Met Lina fit russian woman in her late 30's early 40's mainly french speaking and spanish. She had a nice attitude and my massage session was a 7/10 there is room for improvement so I might have her again.

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    Default Melissa

    She is a bbw voluptuos woman with curves in all the right places...and thats it.I don't know if I caught her on a bad day or she wasn't happy to see me which is rare lol.This woman didn't even smile once.The entire session was horrible in fact I was the one smiling and trying to make her laugh.Avoid like the plague

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    Default Elena

    Elena thin russian blonde in her 30's.She has the body for a gymnast/ballerina.She gave me a nice strong massage and was able to take care of me well. Definte repeat and thanks to the referral who referred me you know who you are and mari for being mari

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    Default Gina

    Had the pleasure of meeting Gina.Looks like she trains and she trains well.I had a nice experience with her.Like someone else mentioned she does look alot like Monica Bellucci.She is in her late 30's maybe early 40's but DAMNNNNNNNN she looks good.We both enjoyed our session and we hope to repeat with each other.

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    Default Samantha

    Had the pleasure of meeting Samantha she is quite funny.She is a blonde in her 20's she seems like a mix with her french accent.She has good strong hands to help with the knots and muscles.Overall it was a nice strong massage session which I hope to repeat in the near future.Thanks Sam

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    Default Roxanne

    Met Roxanne who is a voluptuos woman redish hair with blue/green eyes.Has some tattoes but not to many.When I saw her I knew we would get along and she gave me a good massage.Enjoyed my session will return to try her again.Thanks Rox

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    Default Eva

    Dropped in was greeted by rihanna who introduced me to Eva.Eva is very down to earth and easy going.Kind of reminds me of the next door type.Overall great session and customer service.On the way out saw Mari who takes the time to talk to you and make sure everything was ok.Will repeat thanks ypg staff.

    ps am I the only one who reviews this place on this board lol

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    Default Elise

    Decided to try Elise after I was referred by a fellow merciste.She is short/petite latina.I'm guessing in her 20's attractive brunette.I'm not sure if she was shy or having a bad day no smile whatsoever massage was quite mechanical like a robot.Left disappointed...

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    Default let's hope

    That the HITMAN never leaves Montreal. If he does we will be losing a valuable source of info on almost every MP in town. Plus most of them might have to lay off some of their MPA's

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    If I lived or would travel to the ottawa/gatineau area I'd help there too

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    Default Ottawa-Gatineau

    As much as your input would be appreciated I don't think the trip would be justified by what we have to offer.

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