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Thread: Ypg spa 5660 parc ave 514 419 0799

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    This massage place is tops.

    I have been to this place a few times, I have my favourite girls and the following is my review

    My goto girl is Valeria , she is fun to be with and if she likes you she will let you do almost anything within reason. She is about 30 with a fabulous ass and great natural tits. Nice body and relatively firm. She is Latin and she will take care of you.

    I've seen lea and Esmeralda both are very similar in terms of service , if you want an instant hit these are the girls to pick. Both have nice firm curves NOT bbw. Nice breasts and ass

    There are a couple of other girls that are really nice in terms of looks and service. You can't really go wrong with this place. Of course if you disrespect and don't have good hygiene ......

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    I have seen Lina rosy zaphira and violetta

    Lina is very nice looking. Great body for someone who in in her late 30's or about. Nice breasts and nice ass. All firm. She keeps in shape. Very sensual, good service. Lina has a calming effect and we clicked. She made me feel comfortable and I was able to be myself. She is experienced but a little quiet. The more you see her the more she opens up. Repeated few times


    Rosy is curvy but not bbw. I'm not into bbw. She looks to be early 30's but hard to tell, she is Latina and although she did try very hard to please me there was no chemistry on my part. I wasn't into her and that's not her fault or the lack of trying by her, I just didn't feel it


    Really nice body and great breasts and ass. She looks Mediterranean and is in late 20's or early 30. I can't tell cause she is fit. I think she has one of the nicest bodies at ypg. Firm. Her service is on par with the best of the ypg ladies but I don't think she was into me, I think I made her nervous.


    She has one of the best bodies at ypg and she made me feel comfortable right away. She is Latina in her late 20's or so with a firm body great ass and breasts. Pretty smile always smiling and likes to talk to ease the monotony. Makes you feel comfortable. I have repeated

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    Another lady I had fun with was meg. If you hit it of with her the service offered is like no other. She seriously makes you feel like she really likes you. Nothing fake about her. And she surly knows how to use her mouth

    She has been gone for a while now but I don't know where she went or when she will be back unfortunately
    If anyone has info on her then that would be great

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    Anybody been to the new place ? Is it as Discrete as the old place? Thanks

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    Yes it is if not even more.

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    Has anyone body seen any new girls ?

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    Default Misa

    Young thin cuban with lots of tattoes and piercings.Kinda has a punk/gothic look to her.Long hair on one side kind of short/shaved on other side.
    She speaks only english and spanish no french.She was bit shy and hesitant in the beginning.Did open up a bit but I guess she may need sometime or case of ymmv.
    This is still the best or one of the best places in town.Did I tell you how I like the new location and the rooms.Mari is great she takes care of her customers and most of the hostesses as well.Keep up the good work.I love the selfies album from the other board.Especially Indira's and Lea's pics we should have more of those type of pics

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    The new place is really nice. Nicer than the previous place

    The girls overall at ypg are nice looking some are really hot. I found the hottest girls as a whole to be at massage absolute in Laval but the service was nowhere and I do mean nowhere near what it is at ypg.

    Is there a compatible to ypg? Is penthouse the only comparable?

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    I heard 2214 is but it requires a referral to get in.

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    Default Website and prices

    I can't seem to find an up to date website for their business. Anywhere I can see the girls?

    Also, what kind of service and rates do they offer?


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    new adress is NR?

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