...since last Fall, I tried to set up a common shoot between some different ladies and me. Because, why not?
And this because my budget for pictures has always been gone in some big unexpected costs.
So definitely, because I'm needing a refresh and much more beautiful pictures, the idea to go between us ladies was and still is very appealing.
But we were always too much occupied.

But today is finally a shoot day.

I'm very far to be a cam exhibitionist but well, and that's even one of the part of my escort's activity that I dislike the most, but it's very necessary, I know.
That's explain why in 10 years of activity I did not make more.

So I hope very soon to be able to present you my all brand new pictures, and most of all, they will at least reflect more my qualities.

Have a good day! Me I will try to not die and instead having fun.