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Thread: someone know a good place with just a happy ending with asian girls ?

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    Default someone know a good place with just a happy ending with asian girls ?

    Hi guys,

    I am looking for a massage place near montreal or montreal downtown with Asian girls (thai, japan, whatever) that provide a good massage (not just spreading the oil on your body) with just a good happy ending.

    I had my favorite place where it was just like that, a good massage, the girls don't get nude and offer no options, they just provide a good HJ and we tip whatever we want.

    any suggestions ?

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    Default Check out STS's thread

    First I'd check out STS's thread on the topic.


    It will give you a good idea of the base prices and a lot of other ideas.


    Eat well, laugh a lot and love abundantly!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shock_Treatment_Shawn View Post
    1112a stlaurent older asian called maggie 60-1 hr good hard massage to the minute good teasing with handjob will allow touching expects a $40 tip

    1022 sturbain fanfan chinese looks like a librarian she is the only descent one here others are greedy good massage good teasing alllows touching 1 hr rate might have changed so i wont list expects minimum tip 40
    thanks a lot for the informations, I will try it

    do you know if theses place also offered prostate massage ? I went to another place that is now closed and one of the girls I got started to massage my butt and eventually insert fingers and I liked it a lot. I try to find another girl doing that too


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