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Thread: My trip into (soft) dom

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    Default My trip into (soft) dom

    Hi there,

    For some reason i am sexually stimulated by light feminine domination.
    I like the idea of being forced to do things. I like a facesitting. I like the woman ordering and taking control. I even like restraint a bit.
    In general i like the fun and light part of domination, if i compare myself to other afficionados of the genre. I am not into strapon, pain etc....
    Femdom is also always sexual, to me. I don't look for those no-sex dominatrix. What is the point ?

    So one day i went for it and tried for real.
    However, i decided to start a thread about my research of this pleasure. And maybe have an exchange here.

    I had some experience already, here.
    JENN (514 546 3524): fake pics, drunk idiot woman
    Vicky Kinky (438 346-9933): fake pic --add more weight---but fun woman. Not my overweight type though
    Bianca (massage dom --438 807 7277): pretty fun and nice. BUt still not exactly what i want.

    I still look forward to meet the perfect experience with a woman loving it (that is important), being cute (at least not over-weighted).
    Also, i am more of a switch than a sub (meaning i really like to dominate that bitch sometime). So my research is also oriented that way.

    I may try Agency now. Not unicorn healers (also because i prefer the 200$ range).
    I also have targeted few indies i would like to do it, but it needs the "willing" woman.

    Feel free to react, review, suggest women etc....

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    Default next episode

    Next episode:

    I continue my quest (see 1st post), and read Montreal backpage "domination and fetish" category one more time, searching for the gem in this desert.
    I fall on this announce: http://montreal.backpage.ca/Dominati...slave/14425182
    So that Mistress Julia is looking for a slave. I try my luck to contact her and ask about details.

    I am 95% sure it is another scam-only mistress requesting money. But she begins to talk nicely to me, and describe a lot of her ways, with precisions, without even mentioning any money.
    I get curious and follow the conversation for few mails. Not naive i still ask about if money is involved and how much. But i get not direct answer to that question.
    I must admit everything she said was sounding nice, and exciting. She was showing a kind of commitment to the relationship.

    Finally it ends with her requesting me to pay the material for the session, which could be legit. But it is worth 1850$ according to her highness. When i ask we slow that, she answer in short version: ok send me only 585$ via mail.

    Ok. Bye scam

    Next !

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