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Thread: Jenny in Laval 514 726 7735

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    Default Jenny in Laval 514 726 7735

    Called her this morning to take an appointment. What a small package and I liked it. There was some lfk/dfk, she told me no digitis, no problem. Had some DATY and apparently she liked it. The best thing BBBJ with CIM. Despite all these positives, I felt Rushed. She was in hurry to complete the deed and within half the booked time I was out.


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    well shes been in the field for a time now.saw here 2 times before and stoped.couldn't remember why so I book last night to see here again after seing here new pics on backpage.shes listed as a 32 d breast and small frame.5'2 110 lbs.got to the same place she receives in laval condo.very petite girl and nice.started with a bbbj that's here speciality and while she was doing this I grab here bra to try have a feeling of those breast..thats when the surprise hit me!! remember when as a kid the gift look awesome then you open it up and say oh no! well that's what it is..she does lie about here breast size in no way not even close its a d!! its a borderline small b!! as soon she took off here bras wham! too small breasts..now im a breast man so for me its a no no!

    she does have a small tight ass and I like my woman with more meat not chubby.anyway she was moaning and all .nothing bad to say on this.then we did sideways and again I try to hold here small breast but you can feel here breast bones!! that was a turn off for me!..she does love bbbk cim..I gues woman who have small breast have to compete elsewhere so that's why she did cim.

    in all nothing to complaint on here attitude.very nice girl but for me I like them in the dd department!..even a big c is ok

    if you like them small with small breasts than I guess she will be perfect for someone loking for this as for me ill stick to the big c to dd's!

    body 7.5(to small frame and breasts for me)
    services:8.5 good bbbj cim but she does rush near the end of sessions!

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    Wow! Tried her twice already!
    Definitely worth it.
    I think her breasts are bigger than B as mentioned in previous post (maybe not D), but overall it was an amazing experience.

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    Default Jenny Condo Laval

    I saw Jenny many times in the past. Recently I noticed her service is going downhill, and she isn't as eager to satisfy.
    I also noticed on my last visit she had an awful odor down under, and this was a real turnoff. It wasn't a this chick is dirty smell but more of a someone just came in that pussy smell. She also had allot of white discharge, and I just forced myself to cum and get the fuck out of there. Anyway was good while it lasted!

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