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Thread: Mistress Athena Kros - - Review

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    Thumbs up Mistress Athena Kros - - Review

    Hello everyone, - P.S her is Mistress Athenia Kros was just my auto-correction fucking up

    So after a long-awaited moment, I had the chance today to met the one and unique Mistress Athenia Kros
    in Montreal. I been looking for age on the internet for the right dominatrix. I finally found the right domme.
    I never did a BDSM session before so this was my first time. It was totally worth and a good price.

    The dungeon is really well designs, everything you need for a BDSM session is there. The atmosphere was perfect!
    The red light LED and the music was really nice. She also takes care of temperature of the room to. I was not
    expecting to have such a nice bathroom at the disposal for the client. I really appreciate the touch!

    Mistress Athenia Kros is such beautiful Greek woman. She really knows what she doing you can tell she
    has experience in this domain for many years! I told her my interest how I would like to arrange the
    session. She blew away my expectation out of the roof. I'm sure she will be able to meet yours too!

    I hope this helps you make your decision to have an appointment with her!

    Here a link to her profile. http://www.montrealeroticservices.co...m-kink-fetish/
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