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Thread: Looking for a good massage with finish

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    Default Looking for a good massage with finish

    my ''trip'' so to speak is simple.My story short and sweet.(divorce was expensive, and nasty)
    So after being Divorced ,I feel like a fish out of water so to speak.
    The dateing game, is just that,feels like your on a job interview.
    You pay $150 for a meal, and are lucky to get a kiss on a cheek after.
    I have always gone for professional massage.
    That being said,I now enjoy a good massage,not a back rub, with a tug ,not at a high price.
    So my question is-can you guys recommend, a professional massage lady,
    Who has an open mind, to touching,good teasing, and a good finish.
    I don't really care much about tits!
    I find it hard to get turned on these days.
    If they drop their pants, and allow touching ,at the y, and ass ,I am in my element.
    To me, $120 all in, for the above, is a fair price.
    I am not one to nickel and dime or argue but I don't like being ripped off either.

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    studio in lasalle ,near a bronzage ,
    Centre Massage Sante De Shu Mei
    1405 dollard 514-365-3888 60-1 hr 40-1/2
    A older asian lady ........who is there every day........probably late 40s.
    gives a fair massage.... with hj..... touching.she wears a Negligee so i guess the menu is a bit broader.
    Withing your price range.
    Saw another asian ,younger, who apparently works 2 days a week wears a short skirt so i guess for $$ options are available.
    Was told a few black girls and a blond work here as well.
    Rooms could be warmer.
    Shower could be cleaner.
    Bronzage..... to the left..... big butcher shop .......to right ........so people see everyone who goes in and out is the negative.
    The joke between the locals is,they are not stupid to what goes on,buy 5 lbs of hamburger at the new butcher shop and get a free handjob at the ''massage'' studio.

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    if your looking for full service at a palce which should be condemed by teh health department this is the place to go
    the blodn who works ehre who calls heself sweedish had bi floopers adn looks like she works stuhubert street
    the olde asian is lazy and goes out of teh room many times to answer the door
    the younger asian had bad teeth .....black ???
    Artificial Intelligence is not match for Natural Stupidity

  4. Default studio atwaater a better choice

    this is a studio which does not offer full service and enver did
    751 Av Atwater
    60-1 hr since you said you are willing to tip 60 for the 120 you mentioned you will get everything you wish and the place is clean and warm
    Artificial Intelligence is not match for Natural Stupidity

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    Here is my take:

    Do not go to massage parlors, too risky to get busted, the girls are whores and you end up paying too much for a boring, automated mechanical HJ.
    I went once in a MP, (Ashley in DDO) never again, can't relax thinking the cops will break down the front door.

    Go to private homes, you get a very good 1hr massage and nice HJ for 70-80$.

    I know a few nice regular places I go.

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