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Thread: Chez paree stanley st

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    Been years since I have been to a strip club ,but for me, and id like your opinions, this was arguably the classiest ,best place in montreal.If I am not mistaken ,this is now, like the rest, a contact place?
    Montreal is known for its beautiful women and I had done the strip club scene years back,don't think there is 1 club I had not visited,I was always impressed with this place.
    in order 2nd place had to go to Wandas,3rd to supersex.
    Do you guys remember Alfies on decarie and the stardust in Lachine?

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    I agree about chez paree,
    had a girlfriedn who was a danser bak in teh 70s here and a few buddies who were doormen.
    alfies was a hol in teh wall.
    stardust reminded me of an earlier version of cleos.They had this hudge stripper one year who could haev played the whole defensive line for pitsburg steelers.
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