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Thread: What does a ''pathetic loser ''who gets banned from here do

  1. Default What does a ''pathetic loser ''who gets banned from here do

    He tries and tries and trys to get back
    good thing he is dumber than a rock
    Artificial Intelligence is not match for Natural Stupidity

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    You have to be taking about that......... bill7907 clown.
    Serious ..serious...mental issues>
    To be fair...... the douglas hospital..... in verdun does a..... catch and release program.
    They let some patients out...like bill
    and hope they can fly.
    But that bird........ had 2 broken wings

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    He Seemed like a Knuckle Dragger,Sent insulting pms ,to everyone, who was not in agreement with him!

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    Ya I'll tell you this guy is bizarre.... got a hate filled PM from him.......
    Opining for the masses since 2004

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