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Thread: Has anyone seen Selina Wang

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    I saw her a few years ago... nice condo ... the session was good.... from her pictures looks like she aged a bit...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shock_Treatment_Shawn View Post
    if you had the choice between her and suzie near place st henri metro the place on the 3rd floor which one would you take?

    Gawd Oli you have a better memory for the ladies I've been with than I do! I'm impressed... I was about to say I didn't know who Suzi was....

    Hands down Suzi is far better... she's really nice... gives good honest service... gives a great massage.. is honest... can carry on a good conversation... I used to see her every trip but for some reason I haven't recently... she wants you to be satisfied... she puts her earnings to good use... she has a bit of a soft heart with the people she has helped out when she souldn't have... even took me for supper one time.... I can't say enough good things about her...
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    Hmmm which suzie are we talking about please;;

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