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Thread: crystal - this is why i avoid Hochelaga-Maisonneuve

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    Default crystal - this is why i avoid Hochelaga-Maisonneuve

    forgot to post this yesterday


    120/30min gfe (nah), bbj, cim (2 spurts and shes done)

    Plan A was to go see Crystal - setting up meeting initially went well over text, told her i would msg her 1 hr in advance to confirm/last minute changes. Everything was good until i texted her twice afterwards to say i was on my way, no response. Figured maybe she was with a client and i had a plan B in the same area so i shouldn't think too much about it (first warning sign). Get on site, still no answer so i call and i can hear in her answers that shes not fully there-maybe got me mixed up (2nd warning sign). Still went for it because you know how the small head takes over. Get to her door, it is her on the pictures petite girl just like i like them, exchange the money and shes going from the kitchen to the bedroom and then back to the kitchen with the cash - super odd but ive seen worse right (3rd warning quit already). Get on the bed, starting a short bbbj and on goes the rubber. I tell her here let me do some daty to return the favor. Once im done she says "i prefer to do it by hand". I think she saw the size of the package and just bailed out. Back to bbbj and cim and even then, 1 spurt 1/2 and she ran to the bathroom. Maybe i should put it as a disclaimer next time - bigger then average it won't bite. Once again the small head couldn't care less about my wallet.

    body - 8/10 i love those petite girls and she had nice perky nipples
    attitude - 2/10 if you're not up to the challenge be upfront about it i wont think less of you.
    skills - 4/10
    repeat - nah i could jerk off at home and it would take less time/more comfortable
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