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    Default Negative Reviews:

    Its been a while since I posted anything. So I'm doing this because I want to ask everybody if anyone is uncomfortable with negative reviews? I am planning to post 2,3, multiple reviews. The reason also for why I am posting this heads-up note is that I don't want to get flagged, nor get banned if some mod would want me to just shut the fuck up! Based on experience, I use to put reviews on the 'green site' a decade ago. I put up some reviews that are, to me, an honest recount of those encounters. It turned out both readers and the mods attacked me to the point that they ended up shutting me down. Now, I don't know what would result me to that, but I don't feel I deserve that kind of maltreatment from a totally biased site! Here, I want to cover my bases. I need to get input first before moving forward. Also, I am informing the community of my intentions, so thus not to have any kind of backlash.

    So let me know what you people here think.

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    Reviews are worthless if only positive. The other board seems, at times, a little too favorable to their advertisers. I doubt that you will be banned here and personally welcome your commentary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anon_vlady View Post
    "Reviews are worthless if only positive."
    - Well I'm a kind of guy who has to inform others on certain SP's who are rather peculiar and have an unacceptable/NEGATIVE attitude! That's my motivation here.

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    Go for it and report that what the board is all about

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    Quote Originally Posted by kokoss View Post
    Go for it and report that what the board is all about

    I am. And it looks like the board took off what I just posted today. I'm trying to find the report I did with Sarah from Dorval and for some reason, I cannot find it.

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    Default so

    What heading did you put in under..maybe thats why? was it a negatif report,
    PM with details on her I will check,

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    The "green" board is a ridiculous shill-fest. I don't trust anything coming out of there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hryusha View Post
    The "green" board is a ridiculous shill-fest. I don't trust anything coming out of there.
    Either negative or positive !



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    Default Take a look at my threads, you'll have your answer :-p

    If negative, objective reviews were prohibited here, i'd have been kicked out a loooong time ago.
    A contraire, dear comrade, your comments just might save some of our fellows the bucks, the stress and the loss of time.

    I don't know about everybody, but sometimes, when I'm disappointed and leave as soon as the door opens, I'm usually so horny that the next step will be a quick plan-B.
    Usually, that sucks.

    So YES, PLEASE, comment even if it's negative!


    Eat well, laugh a lot and love abundantly!

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    As long as you don't get too personal. Keep it light, keep it simple and everyone will appreciate your review, negative or positive.

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    Want to be happy writing honest reviews, take a few tips. I first heard these from a legend in hoemongering, but didn't learn them until much later.

    1) Always wait a while to post a bad review. writing one immediately after or close after an appointment gets you identified by the hoes and pimps.

    2) don't be too specific as to time place and conditions for the same reason above.

    3) never reveal your identity to anyone. You think the hoemongers on this board are your friends, think again. You never know which of them is a "White Knight in Disguise", usually because they're getting special favors from the hoe you've just reviewed.

    4) Don't operate from the same hotel each time, makes you to identifiable.

    5) Invest in a portable cell phone jammer so the hoe can't transmit pictures of you to her pimp. They're cheap and effective.

    Well that's it. Happy hoemongering.
    FRIDAY JANUARY 20, 2017!!FRIDAY JANUARY 20, 2017!!!!FRIDAY JANUARY 20, 2017!!!!FRIDAY JANUARY 20, 2017!!!!FRIDAY JANUARY 20, 2017!!!!FRIDAY JANUARY 20, 2017!!!!FRIDAY JANUARY 20, 2017!!!!FRIDAY JANUARY 20, 2017!!!!FRIDAY JANUARY 20, 2017!!!!

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    Angry Alicia rose 438.923.6468

    I was ready to pay 280 $ / h to have a beautiful blond girl who looks like a star on her pictures. I told her to send me real pictures of her to make sure that's she's not fake. She sent me the pictures and I liked what I saw. Once I met her, she looked totaly different. Not the same nice blond hairs (weird ugly yellow color), not the same nice makeup and her skin was totally different with a lot of defects like some traces of acne, so I was disappointed for a girl who ask 280 $ / h
    I didn't pay cause she didn't look the same but I waisted 30 min to go at her hotel room with lot of expectations !
    For me Alissa rose is a Scam

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