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    To receive a good massage with a basic option of an HJ or sometimes more , we could go to a salon or at the home of a private. I'd like to know which is your opinion about it ?

    I have 2 examples of private indy, both in South Shore : Tina Massage in Brossard 514-569-8184 and Relax Massage in Longueuil 514 962-1410


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    I met with tina twice, she's good and prices are more than fair.

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    i have been wondering about the indy massage scene for awhile. went to see that old chinese lady in st henry once who charged $30 for a simple hj (supposedly she also did prostate but i declined), but she was like literally 50+ maybe even older. if she was like 15 years younger it would have been an incredible deal.

    i would like to find someone who does hj's or bbbj's from their house for $50-$75 - ALL IN no bs. not interested in going to some chick's house who wants to charge $200 for bad sex with a condom, then tells you a bj with a condom is $130 and a handjob is $100 (but she gets naked! OMG, stop the presses!).

    maybe there's some Asian indys that used to work at the mp's that charges the price you gave them as tip, but not the door fee? oliver???

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