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Thread: Scammers in Motel la Bourgade Dorion

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    Default Scammers in Motel la Bourgade Dorion

    Last Sunday i went to Motel La B........ to see Mia ad on Hump..... 438 7xx-2424 For a service. As soon as i gave ger the money she told me to leave ! 3 other girls burst out the bathroom very hostile ! For that little money and the fact that there was 4 of them i decided to let go....... I went to see the management of the Motel to complain. They decided not to do anything about it shame on them ! I went there many times never had a problem. In the future if i go back . there will be bathroom inspection before any roses are given. Avoid Mia shes is a Scammer !

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    Default A little Update

    Scammer Mia has been going on with her sting operation at motel ideal west of Montreal ! She went to work in Gatineau for a little while and is now back in Laval.... She is also using the alias Barbie ! Be careful gentlemens ! They are so many wonderful women in this industry it is sad that a few dishonest girls are hurting the business ! Some of my personnal friends aware of what happened to me are abandonning incalls with indie girls !


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