hi guys, I'm not really a poster, but thought it time to contribute. I have been using these reviews on and off for the past decade, and have always appreciated the information.

Last week, I met with Zoe, independent from verdun. Got her number from annonceintime, texted, and everything was set. I've seen her ad for a while, and she was always out of my area (I'm lazy, don't like to travel far afterwards!), but since she moved, I thought to give it a try.
She's 32, slim, black hair, b-cup.

She was wearing sexy lingerie at the door, with sultry eyes, that got me ready to go right away. She's down to earth, chill, and easy to talk to We started with a light massage to break the ice, then she showed me her amazing mouth skills. We continued into different positions, some initiated by me, some by her, but she always knew what I wanted. It was so nice to find someone where everything was on the menu, a true pse scenario. No questioning, just jump right in!

Please treat this one right, a real gem she is.