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Thread: ****** alert escort scam *******

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    Default ****** alert escort scam *******

    She comes in your home...

    Asks you to pay

    And then uses your bathroom.

    When she comes out she’s tells ya that she needs to go to
    The car and get her stuff and she will be back in 2 min.

    She gets in the car and takes off....

    Her phone number that she uses is tel:(514) 587-4430
    Here she is:

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    I'm sorry this happened to you. Please note that this is one of the oldest tricks in the book. I even believe (although I'm not sure because it was like 20 years ago) it happened to me.

    Here's a rule that I follow: No money is given until services are rendered.** The girl might say, "How do I know you won't cheat me?" Valid question. Answer: Most hoes have a pimp or driver that will come and adjust your thinking on that issue. Next, no services rendered until an agreement is made on the extent of services. Be specific (Kiss, CIM, GFE) etc...etc.. Don't be shy about this as you're paying a lot of money for this and believe me she's heard it all before. Make sure that all services are available for the full hour*** (known as multiple times).

    Your next response is that you'll never get a girl to agree to the above rules. Fine, then send her on her way with the thought in your mind that the scam that you endured probably would have happened. Believe me there are a lot of hoes out there that will be takers

    **If the hoe is well known and reviewed you can put the money on the table in an envelope or something.
    *** I define full hour as 50 minutes. You've got to leave some time for the hoe to get herself ready for her next call.

    Interesting little aside, since I developed these rules I've never had a hoe ask me for money in advance. There's not even a discussion of it. Believe me when I tell you that these hoes can read us very well. They can sense what they can get away with the second you open the door.

    Good Luck in the Future.
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    Last year it almost happen to me, first and last time i order on private adds.

    Asian girl she came in my condo, the money was on the table, she looked at the money told me i forgot something in the car tried to grab the money but i put my hand on it, told her well ok comeback when you are done, she had a big nose..... she drove away.... fuck those cunts

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    Default Another escort scam

    This Girl named kelly with this description:

    Aucune mauvaise surprise avec moi! Authenticité, plaisir et respect mutuel te sont garantis! N’hésite pas à me contacter, je saurai te mettre à l’aise très rapidement Excitante et une séance avec moi t’assure d’une finale des plus explosives !!! KELLY 22 ans 5" 100 lbs 32A Cheveux noirs Yeux noisettes 100% VRAIES PHOTOS Je me déplace dans votre chez-vous pour que vous puissiez rester dans votre comfort. Vous pouvez me contacter au (438) 221-9598

    and these picture

    She come in and we start talking. She ask for money and i gave it to here. She goes for condom say she forgot it in the car but never got back
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