I enjoy the Company of Mature Ladies upon my visits to Montreal and made an Appointment with Nicole.

Service very restrictive, talks loud all the Time non stop and smells Cigarette, not sociable, Service very mechanical. Promised GFE but no way even cjb is rough.
She advertises her age as 45 but seems approx 10 years older.

Well, I was very disappointed and wasted my Time and Money.

Since the Service was so bad I looked afterwards for some Reviews (which I should have done before) and found her on MERC (Granby section) as well as on other Boards (Drummondville & Granby sections)). It would have saved myself this disappointing Encounter.
She advertises on Humpchies and others as GFE: Montreal, Laval & Drummondville as “The one and only NICOLE” and more, listed with several different Phone Numbers over Time.

I feel ripped off and in my Opinion – avoid.........

Repeat ... NEVER ever .........