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Thread: Moral Issue

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    Default Moral Issue

    I have GF who is sexy and all but my impulse and desire to sample other talent is driving me crazy especially with summer in full swing and women walking around half naked.

    I've used porn to put out the fire now and then but wondering if I should escalate to a hoe(the german one I posted about yesterday, or a sultry pro with meat and curves someone on this board recommends). Nice thing about a hoe is you do your business and outta there.

    Or I could hit up this old flame that has recently shown interest(the problem with women is they get attached and this could result in blowback to the GF someway somehow).

    Any advice?

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    Looks like the universe made the decision for me...I saw a big jugged blond russian today on the street and asked for her digits and got rebuffed.

    The old fling from the past doesn't want to hook up either.

    That leaves me with SPs...

    Helena was promising until the review about the smell of her building, old age looks and gorilla pimp lurking in the shadows.

    Has anyone had success with Sabrina Love? I saw one review from years ago and I don't care that she is a BBW with a big belly, just love the juggs.

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