I have been a member at CMJ for more than 10 years. I've had good to fantastic experiences in that time. This spring however, my world was rocked - I met @Vera_CMJ. I booked a last minute session without reading her full bio. I was blown away when this 5’11” absolute stunning beauty entered the room with her big bright eyes and big smile. I was instantly mesmerized. I'm sure I just babbled for the first few minutes. She is an all-natural, curves-in-the-right-places woman. She was quick to put me at ease and make me feel comfortable. She is sometimes flirtatious and bubbly and sometimes sensual and sultry, but always sexy. @Vera_CMJ knows how to use every inch of her wonderful body to to great effect. She seems to enjoy bringing you to the edge and holding you there.

I started with a reverse massage; I needed to explore her magnificent form. It was hard to stop but when she told me to lay down, I obeyed. She gave me a great massage often staring directly into my eyes with an ever so slightly evil smile. When I was nearly done, she invited me to finish Italian style (she had to explain). Fantastic! I can not recommend this enough, especially with her extraordinary fine ass.

A word of warning, do not stare directly into her eyes for too long. You will find yourself wanting to server her. I think she is magic.