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Thread: If a girl is pimped...

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    Default If a girl is pimped...

    Do you have any tricks to spot if a girl is really independent or if she's stuck with a pimp ?

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    Default Is she a clock watcher?

    Hey fellow,

    I'd see a few "pimped" flags if a few of those are present at the same time:
    • She's a clock watcher, like really expeditive (relaxed chicks are obviously not forced to mass-(re)produce)
    • The neighborhood she works in is notorious for gang activity (i.e. Montreal North)
    • She's half baked when you arrive (somebody has to handle the calls etc.)
    • The price that has been negociated is changed when you arrived and when you insist, she either calls or texts to validate (happened to me once)
    • I'm out of ideas, somebody help?

    They're obviously only signs, not proof.
    But they should raise your radar to 100% if you strike two or more on that list.
    You would never know if she's in a bad mood (bad customer, bad news in life, desperate need for money, etc.)


    Eat well, laugh a lot and love abundantly!

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