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Thread: Kameliya of Le Penthouse- horrible experience

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    Exclamation Kameliya of Le Penthouse- horrible experience

    Hello everyone,
    I just wanted to share my experience (yesterday) with Kameliya of Le Penthouse.
    I frequent this MP, like the quality of SPs there.
    First, I went in, did the formalities, and got a presentation.
    Now I like big naturals, and this SP had a good DD nats.
    She was pretty too, and I felt she looked better in person than in the pics.
    I’m took the shower & waited.
    She came in & undressed & we got ‘started’.
    From the beginning, I felt that she wasn’t present here, like she wanted to be someplace else.
    Now I am no Pierce Brosnan, so didn’t really expect her to fall in love with me, but she was too distracted.
    I noticed she had gum in her mouth while she was giving CBJ, and asked her if she wanted to get rid of it, and she just said it’s okay! Then when the real act started, I tried mish , but she didn’t open up at all! Kept her legs very close! I even asked her if she was tense, & got no response. Before that, as I was appreciating those DDs, she went “ouch!”. Me: “sorry; did that hurt? I shall be gentler” & she goes “yeah, they are sore, you’re not the first one since morning” ! I was surprised, but didn’t want to cancel the appointment. While trying to enter in mish, she made sounds as if in pain & Little Mister even went to sleep.
    She was so dry, & I asked her if she had any lube, & she said she’d go outside & get it.
    She goes out & the madam comes & starts getting aggressive, demanding CAD 200 for the girl; threatening me, using the F-word.
    I was polite, but firm. Never used abusive language, told her I’d call the cops if she got aggressive.
    She stood blocking the door, & when she went outside a few times for a minute or so, she held the door so that I couldn’t open it even if I tried.
    Another customer cane in, & she wanted me to stay calm; that’s when I got the cue & raised my voice
    Finally I got out, but was looking over my shoulder to see if anyone was following me.
    I regret that I should have ( but didn’t ) canceled the appointment early on when the SP gave me bad vibe.
    The madam never heard me, started abusing me, even pushing me around a few times. I am happy my better sense prevailed & I didn’t raise my hands at her in defence.

    Overall, I had some good experiences at this MP, but I am never going back again!
    Looks: 7.5/10
    Attitude: -10/10
    Service: -10/10
    Repeat: R u kiddin’?
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