downtown montreal in summe is a gift especially at night
so many crooks and crannies to take someome for a quick fuck or blowjob
if you start out tis a good idea to invers time in looking for such places it also serves as a way to avoid le and if you haev interaction with local assholes a qucik exit stage right.

the desjardin building west of stlaurent on stcatherine is a maze inside with security cameras but but ther is holes in their security
i found a few places inside for quickies as well

alexis neon plaxa parkign garage has stairwells up to teh roof without cameras as well but there is cameras in the garage and msos of the building and areas in teh buildign whee you can make out undetected all takes time and a good eye

to be prepared will keep help you in potentially bad situations
nevr ceases to amaze me some of my biggest critics spend hours erhe i guess trying to track me down some how--good luck with that
i track people not teh oterh way around