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Thread: street action

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    Default street action

    hi guys
    ok today i had a vacation day-actually beside my 5 usual weeks i take 1/2 the year in singele days
    ok out at atwater--saw a cute asian in the park with antoehr girl and 2 guys
    did my new route east on stcatherine south on the first street after atwater and east on t=upper-mid way i go north thougth the alley and on stcatherin to chomedy north then west back to atwater and back east on stcatherine--ran into a cute inuti i fucked a few weeks back she is 42 and looks early 30s-she was with anotehr inuti lady older-i asked waht was up and she said she was going to a freidns to drink--i invited myself along--inside was introduced to the owner of the apartment an inuti woman my age--i smoked some weeke with them and drank some beer-i would have let anyof the 3 of them blow me but only 2 of them i would have done--but we just talked for a few hours till a couple of brotehrs showed up so i left shortly after.
    on stcatherine i saw a cute inuti who was on crutches-so i stopped to talk to her--she is 32 pretty short--when i descided to elave she said i hope to see you again your real cute--well i was not sure abut her mental state so i walked to stlaurent and back--hit the moutain peep-no asian girl--put $60 in the vlt and pulled put $138--walk to stlaurent and inside--met a guy who delivers to my company so i sat and had a beer with him--i metnioned i smoked with these 3 chicks and drank so the dude gave me anotehr joint-a cute inuti 42 slim 5è7 came to talk to us and asked if i wanted to have fun with her--we took a walk--she agreed to a complete with me for $30 and to give me a 1 hr full service--i took the 1 hr rate at ville du france east of atwater and on the north side--a cute real cute young asisn wortkign teh desk--gun hoe-ran up to make sure the troom was ok--one of the lodgers was sitting downstairs trying to make time with her--we hit the room and got down to business--she removed only her pants--she used to be ehavy and now is thin so she had lose skin on her stomach which was a turnoff to me--she waas clean with a cute face--she did a covered bj and we did it misionary
    -made it a quicky-she got up ran out got a rock came back smoked and told me to ly down and relax and she gave me a back massage the remaining time--nice person clean would i repeat--no--service totally safe--no kiss or daty coverd bj ..i go by my feeling and this is the way i wanted to priceed with her
    left here went to da gioavani had a pizza and headed to funspot--
    few idiots on the vlts 1 of which was me for a short period

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    Hey OK, see you're drinking the blue Koolaid again.

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    Default bad weather bad hunt

    Well it's been 2 day i'm patroling the street the bad weather did not help
    i hit the street saturday during the day saw not much few regular junky
    that walk like puppet with twisted string.
    I came back saturday night some action lot of costume party the worst costume
    i saw is a guy disguise as a cowboy with some pink shirt i mean if he was crossing
    the street maybe i would have pass over it to end is suffering to that broke ass mountain lover.
    I saw Eve the thief on St-Catherine close to viau she a tall sexy looking girl with
    short curly black hair darl eye stripper look but a thief so beware her usual trick
    is to ask money up front go to get het stuff and ran aways on the back street she steal
    1 of my friend in the past since then i observe her from afar so saturday night i saw her
    and start to follow on foot a car pick het up 4 street west of viau on St-catherine
    and she get the guy at the usual address on adam street between st-clement and sicard
    since i know the beast i know where to wait so i'm in the stair in the back street waiting
    in the dark , Eve past by walking fast looking over her shoulder and then i shout "Stealing again
    you witch!" she scream and ran away.
    I continue on St-Cath back to prefontaine i saw a young girl the look like a squaw since i was walking i saw her pretty
    close and smell it yuk some dump truck are like channel no 5 compare to her she smelled like dry puke
    with garbage odor and she add a lot a bleeding mark around the mouth i pass by to get back to my car
    and she offer me her service like that she told me like nothing that she blow for 20 and fs for 40 and
    if i have no condom no problem. Say no way (she is a bio bomb!!!) a car pick her up and the guy really get
    her they gone not to far this guy as a nasal problem or a lot of magic white powder in the nose.
    After that i found nothing wort to look so i came back sunday afternoon again bad weather
    nothing sunday night same thing so not much will try my luck tomorrow again.
    Look in my back maybe their is still a place left for another knife!!!!!

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    goodevening readers
    well today i was restless-gee theres a suprise.
    so i headed out around 5.30 with a flask of jack daniels stuffed in my pocket
    last weekend i met some inuti woman who live in an apartment near atwater so i headed there--didnt remember their door number but i remember it was kicked in in 3 places--so door open they not home-next door a full figured black lady tells me they are out--she has people in so i say hey i came to drink anyone want to join me in a drink--so i was invited in-i sat on 1 of the 2 beds no chairs-inuit woman inebriated aux max passed out on the otehr bed--kind a cute fuckable-- a skinny white dude on the floor who i remmeber having a conversation with some time back-this guy had a good job 50k and the whole 9 yards and lost everything and almost killed himelf--he told me this shithole apartment block is full of drunks and crackheads and he would not live ehre--oh ya cockroach infested and this 1 room apartment costs 500 a month--black dude passed out on the floor aparently he and the inuit one live with the black lady--anotehr inuti comes in--one i wanted to fuck a few weeks ago--she is drunk as well and gets served some type of fish and rice dinner-waht a fuking smell-so i excuse myself and head out--im not sure how much i drank but enought to makie me stupid anyways.
    hit all the peeps-zip
    on stlaurent went in midway a few inuit woman and old peopel tonight
    headed to sthubert area
    dead quiet not a drug dealer or whore in site--hoh ya the welfare checks came out on the 1st--walk to funspot and the old fag who looks a bit like fred flintstone was out having a cigarette with 1 clienrt inside and this client was complaining about the bar man with the door open smoking
    went to citibar--reeal hot chick with her boyfriend at the bar -quite a few people-somewhat normal--a few flamers--this tiwtchy older broad who i considered fuckign was playing the vlt-but my stupidity got the better of me
    had 2 beers at $5 a pop incluing tip dirt cheap 4+1--i dumped $320 in a vlt-you think i would have learned by now--now im upset with me
    i walk east.

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    ok so now i check out the mountain peep in hopes of seing naoimi
    she is definartely in my mind-zip--i cut into a laneway for a wicketd piss and think well if i piss and get coaught i get a ticket so i pissed in one of thsoes big beer bottles and i thought gee this is ehavy--gee this smells beer--i look it was almost full--no drunk in his right mind leaves one of these so the worthless sack of shit who put this down to do what ever is going to have a big suprise when he/ she comes back and takes a swig of this.
    head west to cresant and who is on the corner of cresant and stcatherine you guessed it silicon tits herself-naoimi-so she says ok $60 for a bj in the peep--i say are you fuking nuts--she says ok $40--i saiod id like to fuck you--how much--$60-so we walk-she says have yo8u been here before -i say ya a few times--she says where do i know you fron--i think man this chicks brain is fucked--i see her porch monkey parasite boyfriend hanging outside the rear door with another brother-aevery girls dream man a crack dealer-looks like Red's old first baseman Tony Perez.If Tony lived on Crack and poutine that is.He sticks to her like Oprah on a baked ham.we go down the stairs and anotehr dude is holding a booth ffor her(us) i guess--inside i take my top off and drop my pants and she strips-fuking nice body--she puts a condom and does one of the things she does best--she is an amazing cocksucker--i turn her around and start to fuck her-hard and fast--ive been drinking and with a condom i doubt i can cum-my legs were like rubber and she was like a rag doll-i literally fucked the shit out of her--then she starts--how much time left--i said not much-so she oges between blowing me to switching to being fucked--quite a trip-her tits look great but you can feel hte silicon pouches not the best pair i ever felt--she says my boyfriendis outside rthe door just tell him i he asks you only got a bj--well he looks like a dopy motehrfucker but i think people on stcatheine could her me slammign her but cheaks i was smalling her so hard you could definately hear this over hte sound which i had on max.--so i exit first and ther is dopy
    i nod and exit the front--still missing something(mostly a brain) i head to monk for a massage which ill writeup in the paropiate section--ya i forgot somehting--outwside the massage studio my cock felt strange so i put my hands in my pants and realise the condom is still on my cock--ya i guess i had more jd than i thought
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    hi brothers and sisters
    ya im drunker than a skunk
    i met with a senior member today -since he didnt give me authorisitaion do disclose heis hande i wont-we went to chex cora and ahd crepes-great stuff and good conversation--thanks for the lift to centre ville--i purchsed 2 of those hudge bottles of beer and invited myself to apatment on clossee-black woman and a black dude-they have lot of visitors and one of the inuti woman that stays with them i wa s hoping of throwing a fuck into-she waqs not there--i excused myaselkf avter a few hours and did the walk-checked out rthe peep shows looking for naoimi again-zip-backa t atwater hit a bar with vlts-the bigger of the 2 metro level--met a smolkign hto 22 yr old sho bour me round sof jd and got mne pissedx drunk then disaperaredd witha chinesse guy--she is from england and mix of chinese-waht a fucking face and bod--so i exit ehre and do the tour again-i pulled out $120 from the vlts ehre clean and put it back in the one at the mountain peep=disgusted with myself i went to subway and had supper then picked up for hudge bottles of beer and went bakc to tûpper st a;partments-a cute 30 yr old black chick came in and i gave her some of my beer-we watched movied and she tried to invite herself to myplace to sleep--id love to fuck her but my house is scacred and few girls have entered the door-so i went down to the loby of the building
    there was a hooker i fucked ther from stlaurent holly a black chick hot and 2 drunken inuit--the 30yr old black chickcame down burt nothing happened so i left and im home still drunk

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    Default Friday night

    Well the pig are doing a find job for the night shift nice girl are getting harder to get.

    So friday night with a friend we patrol on each of our own car the street to communicate this crazy monkey buy a set a walki talkie cheap one but still good
    so we patrol the street and watch for the prey.

    the cop patrol more the street and now they watch the driver closely to see if you have your safety belt attach a good way to stop you a look in plain site if you have illegal stuff in your car , if you want a good advice keep you stuff in the trunk of you car because what they can not se they can not charge you.

    So we patrol large yesteday we where a St-Catherine between viau and pie-ix sometime you can catch a girl at the bar exit that want a free ride and if you know how to talk you can end up with her giving you a free ride to the seven sky.

    My friend spot a nice girl on Aird and St-Cath he call me to spot because is has not the habit and fear double slot agent so i take a look and give my okay she was really nice looking 5'6 light blonde look like in the end twenty beginning 30 very nice my friend got her in his car so i quit to continue for myself. My friend call me back he said that she was getting her stuff i ask if give the money upfront , this idiot did give the money and he start to braging about he find the deal of the year because she offer her service 80$ for 3 hour. Guest what she never came back who the deal of the year know!

    So i continue alose close the radio was boring the hear him crying about is loss what the hell is wrong if she so in a hurry to get the stuff get her out of the car believe me a crack head in need will prefert to suffer their need a little longer knowing that money is comming than wait on the street corner.

    Really St-catherine if full of thief in this small place in particular their more thief thant the rest of ontario street.

    So to continue my hunt i meet Andrea as some of you know i had problem with her and some person too got problem with her and like everything sometime nature do stuff good she got some justice street once that i was witness a nice right hook wake her up one day (not me!)

    Know she more cool and relax and she dont try to steal of screw anymore well that my opinion for now because she had a big change in her attitude she now offer service at 20 Bj and 40 Fs she use to hang arounf Dufresne and Ontario but get out late because she's not suppose to be on that sector meaning if you get her onboard don't catch the donut's lover attention to make it fast go to the Dorion on Maissoneuve and Dorion 25$ the room and the room or not the best but it's better than other post apocalyptic place.

    And remember if it's too good to be true dont push your luck get cautious and watch yourself their not way to complain again hooker thief except if your whilling to get the crap out of her but again who him i to tell you what is bad or wrong
    Look in my back maybe their is still a place left for another knife!!!!!

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    hi members
    today i did my good deed of the day-ive helped many people over the years and never look for anything in return--its interesting to be able to converse with the down and out who have all their marbles--ive recently met a few people who are on welfare and ive been drinking with them over the last few weeks-today i brought 2 big bags of stuff for them-pansé glasses utensils for the kitchen storage jars for sugar spice etc- and a bag of video movies and they love this and wathc all day long.-one of the many visitors who passed throught their apartment was a gentlemen who i could tell by briefly talking to him he had money and a good job at 1 time-older than me he aloso had prostate problems at one time and had his removed and he said he can still do the nasty as some im told cant after.-ive met many like him over the years and its kind of a wakeup call as you realise it could be you 1 day--he had a great job in the 50k + range and was forced into early retirement--he has a good pension but its not indexted-today he is on the street-long story-recently a fight with the adminastration of his apartment complex and bad judgment and actions on his part and voila.actually theer is a guy who worked for the same corperation and lived near me and the same /similar story--this guy lost his job(my age) and is on the street-they threw him out of his dwelling--this was a long story as well but i think both cases drugs and complaints from neightbours and not paying rent were all factors.
    after a brief stay here i passed to atwater metro-many inuit woman--1 real cute one and guess waht this one had all her teeth--i dont know waht it is with these inuits but most seem to have lost teeth and from wath ic an astertain its pribably through violence--anoterh real cute on i saw with a real black eye and bloodyed eye-i asked what happened and she said her husband beat her up--anoterh one sitting with cowboy boots and drinking beer out of a burger king cup told me her husband she caught cheating and he threw her out--2 more arrived one whit a bidy that says fuck me fuck me-actually she is the one who i saw at the place i drink and she wa passed out in bed-and yesterday she was panhandling and i came back to find her in hopes of fucking her--today i went out with just a bit of money as this weekend ive blown $640 and enought is enought.
    there was a sthubert street hooker in the atwater entrance down befroe you go up the stairs--not attractive at all but i recognised her as she came after me many times-
    taking the metro at atwater i was grossed out--im walking and loooking down and see waht looks like bloobs of greenish brown sludge and i say no it cant be--go to sit and i see this old bumb with his leg up and shit dripping down his ankles to the bench-yup--so i exit stage right as far away from him as i can be.
    weather was cold and rainy--in this apartment complex where ive been drinkign there is a lot fo woman who use drugs--holld a stlaurent streek hooker from verdun is always tehre--she was a useless fuck the time i had her and not the cleanest so iven if she offered herself for free id refuse her

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    Default the old good and bad news

    i ran into a new neignbour(didnt recognise her) even her story didnt click till i asked for verification of a name--she just split from a guy i know jsut like that not a friend --nice lady
    lonely vunerable--ill be nice-but but if she wants to get horizontal
    ill try to resist-every so often i dont have to hunt and it seems to come in flocks-i remember not so long ago a neighbour-xstripper called and if i was not sititing i would have fallen down-she says hi how r u the usual-says im going through a hard time and i thought maybe you could come over and fuck my brains out--so i said sorry what did you say and she repeated-broke land air speed record hauling my ass over to her place-but there is always a but
    you look up psyco bitch in teh dictionary and there is a pic of her--as well she is a freind of my sister-ya shit happens-last chick my sister set me up with that i dumped my sister didnt speak to em for a while--shit thats all i had to do to not hear her bullshit-yup i treat everyone the ssame trust me

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    What an interesting thread. I will be coming to Montreal soon for my very first visit and would like to go for a walk. What is a good area to go for a stroll? Anything close to downtown or that can be easily reached with public transportation?

    The other thread mentions Wellington/Charlevoix ... is that in walking distance to downtown or close to subway or bus?

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    Quote Originally Posted by alphaBIT View Post
    What an interesting thread. I will be coming to Montreal soon for my very first visit and would like to go for a walk. What is a good area to go for a stroll? Anything close to downtown or that can be easily reached with public transportation?

    The other thread mentions Wellington/Charlevoix ... is that in walking distance to downtown or close to subway or bus?
    charlevoix is close to the metro with the same name green line

    my arei visit is usually i exit the beri metro at sthubert street erxit and demaisoneuve and walk west to sthubert and north to ontario-east or right all the way--here ill walk as far as frontinac and back-eyes open-like rats they are in and out quick to avoid the cops as most have restrictions to area and time from the police-a very long walk-daytime is best as you are safer being green as well many transvestites and transexuals at night which dont come out at daytime-anotehr reason i dont shop at night-my sugestions walk and observe dont interact if you dont know waht your doing-there is undercover cops from time to time in the area so watch choice of words

    as well atwater metro the little park there is loads of drunken inuit some of which are very duable

    stlaurent metro gets you out on the main drugs and prostitutes a bar called midway south of stcatheiner st and on the east side is a good place to pick up regulars and prostitutes

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    Default the fabolous johanne x stripper from source du sex

    johanne has been in the area for years now
    i got her off the drugs-and off the street-well sort of
    she drinks nd ocasioanlly will show up on the corner of sthubert and demasoneuve near the park and try to get money from people--old dogs dont lose their spots-if your smooth you might be able to get a piece of thsi great ass--not on drugs she realises the value of her ass and will try to get as much as possible--i got her 3 yrs ago for $20 and a chocklate bar for a complete and bj now top that

    for a chick 33 yrs old she has an amazing body -for a street girl--and is a great fuck and acomplished cocksucker
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    Default cindy 21 yrs old from gaspe

    this was one of my prize catches-in the top 20 anyways
    ;passed her for months till one day she said hey when are you going to try me.
    got her sweet ass into the hotel bon accuil for $45 for 40 minutes
    she showered kissed daty and mutiple positons
    prior to the streeets she worked all the top stroip clubs-gentleman club and teasers were 2 that i remembered--she aslo worked agency which she hated--she said its ok with a guy like you but a lot of the time id have to spend a full hour with some disgusting pig--from gaspe french speaking-gentle and nice girl-she was always well dressed and very clean-all the senior posters who i personally introduced to her were dumbfounded a girl like this could be had on the streets
    for the record no longer in the area but a memorable picture
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    Default dayna-x eleganza

    well i was in hipadrome gambelling place and exited to use the toilet when i rean into this little tard--i saw her ass and wanted to die--she was with some asshole drug dealer--i went for a piss and when i came out of the public toilet she aproached me-said your cute want to go for a drink--i replied with an ass liek that id like to do more than go for a drink-she replied you got a hotel room-i was well dressed not my usualy casual cloathing so maybe she thought i was --who knows--so rather than get a quote i said ok 40 for a complete she said 50 and tis a dun deal--in the hotrel room 2nd worst hole in the area eureka--i think the last time they changed the sheets trudeau was prime minister-anwyas she starts to wine how she can get 200 so i say not happy leave--so her tune chenges and i said give the old man a treat and let me eat that ass and pussy-her typical reply you expect a lot for 50 dam straight--so we got into a 69--oh waht an asss and cunt--then doggie--her service was rushed but had to be 1é2 hr total and i was a happy little pup
    after i had her and told the guys they all were in ther area and a few senior members who dont ike to be assioated with this hobbie scored her little ass but as usual they all paid much more than i did

    funny part was i didnt realise it was her--i was on the phone with john and he told me hey you socred one of my x employees-they the boys sent me pictures and i saw her teltale little tatoo on her upper left sholderblade (a very destinctive tatoo which when i blew it up i had confirmation)and i knew it was a match

    this little tart told me she was 18 yrs old and 2 weeks when i had her little ass
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    Default alycia 21 yr old

    met her at 1st time i was with a chick who i scored for 20 unlimited sex in the asss anything goes how could i refuse--she was upset i didnt take her but the week after i had some fine dinin g at this y--5'9 b cup face like a model english speaking from ontario i had the hottest sex with this girl 1 full hour--she told me the girls shoudl be paying me so i said ok givbe me my money back and she laughted--she is not in the area anymore
    this is waht a 2megapixl camera can do-reminds me of a smoked meat sandwich and i supplied the pickle

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    Default Monday,tuesday,wednesday report

    Well these day i was like a little boy in a candy shop windows
    can see but no touch.

    monday night i had some spare time so i took a look on Ontario between the track and frontenac 2 new girl one girl as latino style girl black hair 5'2" tanned skin wear jean and a white coat did not get the chance to talk to her, the second one is tall had high heel boot blond hair pale mulato style girl very thin she had a mini skirt that i wish it would have wind because i'm sure they was nothing under that.

    Tuesday night foggy saw the 2 same new one but the thin one is very suspicious and don't get in car.
    More west on ontario i saw a cute punk girl with is lousy punk gang walking she was working but did not stop i got a few friend calling me for beer so i take off quickly.

    Wednesday night very foggy night i saw the Ottawa girl making a come back on the street Oli i think you know her i don't remeber her name she small blond and came from Ottawa not a nice face but a nice body and give great job.
    I saw more east on St-Cath 2 officially declared thief the infamous Eva that i already descride before (search the board don'T ask) and a new one
    her street name is Vanessa 5'6" light blond young look thin sexy face a few nice piercing in the face she a thief take money and fly away she stole my friend saturday i got her yesteday in my car she did not know me she for the money up front say no i go at the hotel after you get the money she invented an excuse to get away so from my opinion she never give service a real thief.

    I saw on St-hubert a nice framed girl it just when she turn her head that i really change my mind she had something discolorated in her face like dead skin i don't know it was ugly.

    Stay tune for the next info
    Look in my back maybe their is still a place left for another knife!!!!!

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    THere is only one Oliver!!!!

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    What happened???? The pictures just disappeared!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dee View Post
    What happened???? The pictures just disappeared!!!!!
    from what i read mod 1 said they are 2 big
    oh well

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    Quote Originally Posted by oliver_kloseoff View Post
    from what i read mod 1 said they are 2 big
    oh well
    You have to keep the photos smaller in dimensions then the size of the forum.
    Unfortunately VBulletin does not resize linked images.
    Suggest you make the photos smaller than 750 pixels wide.

    Thank you
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