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Thread: street action

  1. Default Saturday, June 13, 2009 rear of peep girl crutches in bj $20 #4

    might not all be in date order but in alphabetic order
    too funny saw this chick with jumbo tits outside the peep with one hand out begging for money

    so i pass ehr in a way to cathc her attention and like a well trained dog she follows me into teh big room
    well honestly i actually came in to see how much money was left on teh card and she starts to tug at my shorts he agressivenss gave me a hudge boner and she blerts our give me $20 and ill blow you
    oh boy could this chick suck a cok then she says want to play with my tits duhh 38 double d's are yopu kidding me
    now im face fuckign this chick in a wqay a farm animal would complain and guggling those hudge mellons and i swear i belw such a load i thought the back fo her head came off

  2. Default Friday, April 15, 2011

    stlaaurent outside the peeps
    Do to the one downstairs with white jew lori fat blond
    $22 card $20 then $20 bbbj fsc doggie

    From front in left and booth right side maybe 3rd 1

    waht an annoying voice first i tought jsut a bj which i gave her $20 and she is yelling guy guy to get teh siberian balwasher with teh cards
    then i saw that fat ass and the thought to plow it tuirned me on so i slipped her a $20 then the salami doggie style in a small booth quite fun

  3. Default Friday oct 15 2004

    Friday oct 15 2004
    Lucia inuit 40yrs cute to peep show saint timothee/stcatherine $22 card eat and fuck her

    well i was passing buy and she was stanind like a orphan who lost her baked ham
    so i say sis wahts up she says waiting for friends so i walk east about 8 blocks and return and she is still ehre so i say
    knwoing all inuits cant refuse beer
    i say hey want to watch a movie ill give you $20 for a case of beer barely got this out my mouth and she was in
    inside the guy diditnsee happy its ok for 2 guys to go and fudgpack but a guy adn girl is taboo in fag central
    so after a bit fo argument i had a card and inside the booth cloarthing off in a pile and suck fuck and chew

    then i was disgusted went to piss wash up and exit stage rigth

  4. Default

    Thursday, June 24, 2004
    monique stlaurent sex village $4 in booth with dark haired woman shorts—paki insits for a card $20 and $2 $20 for a bj then descide to give her $40 more to fuck her..

    well i fucked this one 7 yrs later same peep
    so the 1st time i got her in 60 total adn fucked her big ass doggie style she seemed uncomfortable but hey i was enjoying myself

  5. Default Sunday oct 22 2006 naoimi the japanese princess

    Sunday oct 22 2006 about 7.20 pm peep show on mountain peeps meet Naoimi japanese from vancover-has a kid and waco sister-chinese to booth $3 in and give her $21 handjob-play her tits and ass inside her sweats.
    i usually would go in ountain peeps to gamble only but this faithfull day i go in and this kick ass jap with enhanced tits drops he crack pipe well this is a good sign
    i say hey want to watch a movie well hell ya a crackhead would nto refuse so first encounter was a gropeing match hj for $21 a get to know each other

  6. Default Fri nov 3 2006 naiomi again

    Fri nov 3 2006 Naoimi japanese peep cresant—she put a condom blow me and I fuck her doggie $60
    this was too funny.naoimi was with her black dealer piece of shit boyfriend who looked like perez 1st baseman for the expos if he ate poutine all his life and smoked crack
    dipshit thought the princess was only going to blow me and was standing otuside teh booth
    well i was fuckign her tight little pussy doggie style. well i could nto cum but was hard and after about 45 mintus of poudnign her she got fed op and called a time out

    whats too funny is i was still hard and jsut pulled up my pants as i was also haalf cut
    so i go to ville emard after this 6646 monk for a massage and wheni go to uindress i still had the condom on a semi hard cock i thouight t0 myself waht an asshole

  7. Default Thursday, November 23, 2006 naioimia 3rd time

    Thursday, November 23, 2006-sitting in stairs peep on mountain-we go to peep on cresant by back- me and Naoimi japanese $40 for a bbbj-as I come she pulls mouth away and fiinishes by hand
    man oh man could thsi chick suck a cock

    then in verdun next day with hopless slut aka haywood jablomie looking out his window he calls me over look says he someone has thrown out a perfrecly good crackwhore and there was naoimi dragggin a suitcase
    she manged to pump out a few pound puppies with only leroy befor he dumped her ass

  8. Default Dec 16 2006

    Dec 16 2006 Scarface Mary inuit meet in sex village she grabs me by the dick and pulls me into the booth $20 on the top and 5 in the machine bbbj and removes pants asks for a condom and gets on cowgirl fs
    then has the nerve top ask for a tip so i gave her a loonie for a loonie in my mind
    oldcar face had a puss like been runover by a train but oh boy could she suck cock and was a good fuck as well mental as the day was long though

  9. Default Saturday, April 04, 2009

    Saturday, April 04, 2009
    1/2 cialis =10 mg
    -rear door to peep meet wendy black woman older -in peep give indian guy 25 for a card no change and wendy 40-in peep room she blow me condom and do her doggie style-n0t 100% hard pull out mistake cant get hard again she blow me more cant cum so call it a day. mg
    lack of attraction was waht i put this down to

  10. Default

    pretty funny when the msot popular thread on a escort review board is a street thread. 558,130 views and counting
    well it goes ti show you a few things/
    if you lvie in montreal unless you live under a rock you have ran into a few streetwalkers in your life
    what is more funny is when i did the tours many of the senior posters guys with major bucks and status
    were like kids in a candy store when i showed them some of the better ones which could be had
    yes of coarce they would partake but in the quiet non posting mode.

    gumdop and gum shoes are eth eones who are blinded by though that the more you pay the better it is
    i remember 1 senior member on green psoting about a girl he paid think was $500 and she was sitting on his back giving a massage when the red river started
    yup many working girls weather it be a street hoe or a prostitute(escort) sorry suck cocks for a lvieing your a prostitute
    many work on the rag massage girls especially
    difference betwee a $40 street whore and a $500/hr escort
    well similaraties both have 2 tits and a few holes
    difference is a bout $460
    $160/hr escprt usualyl have descent bodies and average face to so so
    $500/hr will usually have those silicon funbags botox nicer body and face but could still end up smelling ebtween the legs like a klingon garbage dump which happened to 1 senior on green i wont mention his name cause he is too busy cussing out donald trump

    to me on occasion you can find fuckign amazing girls which you could never get in an agency

    i had a girl light skined black girl who was a porn star in porn mags and fuck em what a bod
    couple of little spinners you would never find in an agency typically they seem to think men live tall 5'7 enhanced rack chicks ....ya well not every guy does

    i met a asina stripper 1x on stcatherine st who was about 4'10 who reminded me of a japanese porn star i could literally hold he out in my 2 hands and fuck her like a doll

  11. Default

    Thursday sept 11 2008
    i pciked up this woman outside her apartment
    actualyl she was out in her bath robe
    asked me ifm i wantd to go in on a dime bag of weed to my reply i dotn smoke
    then she says do you want to see my apartment
    upstairs she makes the sales pitch $10
    i suck yo9u you fuck me condom and i take it in the ass well duhh
    great ass by teh way
    she became a 3x a week regular fuck and she always said ..thats all you got is $10 me yup
    i sent a few gumshoes from the boards who she fleeced for $80+
    now check this ass and tell me its the cost of a happy meal would you not be happy


  12. Default here is anotehr $10 fuck ok and a shopt of jack daniels

    ok so again think i got my moneys worth
    ya was in teh back fo chez doris battered womans shelter on a matrtrice in a big bush area ajacent to a wall which belonged to a old movie theater on stcatherine whcih they tore down and replaced with a condo building

  13. Default $40 street whore 21 yr old carefull closeup pussy shot

    this was a sweet little numbe cost me $40 4 happy meals nice pussy

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