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Thread: street action

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    Default an experiance i had a few years ago

    hi guys
    this i remember lkie it was yesterday was about 5 yrs ago.
    i used to hang around this irish guy-he trained was a brick shithouse and a fighter-his profile he reminded me of the construction worker in bugs bunny with the heavy beard stubble-to his friends he could nto do enought but his temperment was that of a rabid bull-enought said
    he calls me up one cold winter night-tells me he knows this whore a buddie of his used to do this guy is a "brother" and into the street scene as well-gq looking guy who shurlely does not have to paid to get laid but choses so as well
    ok so we are way donw east and its late at night-my genious friend and me jump out o the cab we are in to find we are lost-so we call the girl to get co ordinates and yup quite far away--we got out on pieix and it was 20 minute walk further east0fortunately i had my cell phone with me-we arrive at this chicks dump--i dont have a clear visual image in my mind mut i remember i said to myself ya i could fuck ehr if i had to--she takes 1 look at me and says your a cop--ya right-so she pulls out a crack pipe and gets me to toke with her-my 1x and last time-i was dead tired adn this was not the help i needed--dotn know what the fuck im doing here-so we descide to go to"another house" why we are here-no questions--the dumb cunt has no shoes adn its winter snow and freezing out--she obviously liked me-my buddie offered to carry her and she said no way i want him-me--so i carry her to yet anotehr cab and we go to this crackhouse-inside 2 dudes in teh front living room--in the kitfchen every missing alien ive ever seen in my life-i eman this 1 freak was green-anyways my buddie wants me and him to do this chick--im not into 3somes with a guy involved-2 chciks no problem--so i comply--he is a boydbuilder himself but let me tell you-seeing him with his cloaths off was probably the reason i could not get it up to do this chick or partake--so he starts his bullshit-ordering everyone around-macho shit--stick your dick in her mouth and tells her to suck me and all the bas--i eat her then descide to ly beside them and watch--like watching a movie i didnt want to see but it was interesting--the boy had a few moves ive not seen adn i thought ive seen them all--so im lying on the bed watthcing him slam her and this chick must have craw3led in the room-glasses and ugly but she lifted a leg and started to reem my asshole--felt pretty good timm she opened her mouth-she said why dopnt we go in the next room and fuck--dam she was ugly even stoned i could nto do thsi chick--i said why dont you go outside and plya a nice little game of hide and go fuckyourself--she was not impressed but i didnt trhow up--yet anyways-so i get up to go for a piss-bare ass naked i open the door and am face to face with 2 teenage girls-wft-where is the toilet and they point there-oh this night mare on elmstreet had nothing on this house-so back to the room and i dress and try to drag my friend out of here--at the exit 2 guys block us and say you have to pay for the room-my buddie loses it and starts to pound the wall and tells them look both of you are going to get huirt bad get the fuck out of my face the cunt told me nothing about this take your money from her dont bother me--me i use common sence i told him give them the lowsy 20 and lets get out of ehre its not worth it you might kill them or they could shoot us-i dont remember if he payed them but we left
    this is just 1 of many fucked up nights i can remember

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    yes there is some street girls whith a heart of gold but its rare
    this one-tina--i passed her a few weeks ago on the street is 33 yrs old inuit and
    i always took her with a verbal contract--1 full hour-$40 i could do waht i want with ehr for the full hour--she would shower before and after with me--if i gave her money for dope she would leave and come back after in the 5-10 minutes she promised me--never rushed me never complained
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    Default photo from lapress hooker bust

    this is a copy of the paper a few years ago
    i knew a few of them
    precilla-used to work for agency first time --she was 26 when i used to see her and id spend hours with her fopr wahtever i had in my pocket never more than 60 sometimes as little as 30 looks like absolute shit ehre-i have pictures of ehr shere she is cute but i dont think i can post where the face shows

    the one on the bottom right
    veronique=vicki is a thief--she usually sposts black eyes and i know why--i know many she ripped off--she even got mje for $120 total
    she is a scam artist who i wouyld not piss on if she was on fire--she is either on stlaurent area or on sthubert or demaisoneuve not far--avoid --she is actually cute in person--most of these girls the pictures are horrid

    mellie right side 2nd from bottom she is one of quite a few i did when she was pregnant -feb 7 2003 she told me she was 19 at the time

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    Default fucking cop idiot

    Oliver i remember those bust their even a dude Martin

    Yesteday friday night i was about to start my run i was driving on Dufresne from Ontario and was about to turn right on Coupal when a suicide minded moron cross the street without notice i open my driver windows to give him some shit and then saw 2 policeman on bicycle park and laughing i open my passenger windows ask the 2 tax sucker parasite what the hell was that 1 policeman answer me by telling the guy is crazy and then i reply you do nothing and don't give ticket!
    Now a third guy that look like a beggard start to raise the tone and tell to me i'm better calm down bla bla
    I ask who the hell are you darn clown that show me is badge and start to yak is a double and their an operation that i should leave.
    I call the clown cops to show me is badge and burn is double cover and i was not talking to him.
    anyway i leave but furious like hell i park my car away and start to walk i wanted to find that double ass agent and give him hell when the 2 bicycle uniform clown leave but when i was walking their was a few econoline type truck park and shaking a bit like when a person move inside a vehicule.
    In fact they was people i hear so whisper because they let the windows open a bit s the windows won't get blur. By the way i look at hit it was a real operation and it was well made trap i did not remain there to see the grand final i leave this spot make a few pass on the Ontario street still the same old stock nothing new.
    Will probably make a pass tonigh
    Look in my back maybe their is still a place left for another knife!!!!!

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    Default visual tour from stlaurent to sthubert area

    hi guys
    i love this forum-especially the special privilages tom lets us have to post pictures
    so to take full advantage of this vie descided to slowly upload images from the areas i prowl
    the first is the famous bar funspot on wolf and ontario--5 vlts which at best of times for those of you who gamble there is usually a free machine or 2.
    dirt cheap drinks-and 4every fruit and vetable imaginable--but everyone minds their business and rarely is tehre a problem-daytime many woman in the area and down and outs can be bought for services-beware as the time gets later the girls with 5 aclock shawdow and 6 inch plus clits arrive--yup ts tv and les autrea as well
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    Default midway bar stlaurent south of stcatherine st

    this bar is rock and roll all the time-when i sit to drink here its definately with my back to the wall-vlts and power drinkers and asholes of every description and losts of horney inuit woman and prostitutes-
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    Default 7 SEASONS HOTEL sthubert south of ontario

    thjis is my usual first choice of a hotel if i am in the area
    1st floor ther is a hudge room with a whirlpool--its $25/hr and if you use the whirlpool its anotehr $10
    a/c queen bed with mirror on the ceiling--colour tv with cable small fridge bathroom with toilet and shower and whirlpool you can fit about 4 people in in the room--go to the desk say i want a room for 1 hr and ask for the room with the whirlpool no name is given or no card to sigh -just exchange of money--not even a key to lose--door is open just go in and lcok behind you--they will call the room if you pass time but are pretty understanding.
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    Default central auberge hotel sthubert north of demaisoneuve on the west side

    this place is now expandes and the left closed duncan donurts you see is now part of this hotel--i have very mixed feeling sabout this hotel
    in the days when i saw precilla it was good but a hole--i would give 10 aat the desk and i could stay with her for as long as i wanted as a visitor--they are not this nice now--the norm is police and ambulance on a reegular basis visit this place--ive heard much violence in here--the little siberian ballwasher who works the desk is a little cocksucker who was presant when i got burnt by a street girli paid him for the room and she took off with the key so i asked for my money back and he told me if i cause problems he would call teh cops--i then remeembered although i paid she signed the card and kept the recpt so i was fucked--id lovc to see this little cocksucker on fire and id go and buy a bag of marshmellows and roast them over his carcus.

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    Default bomn accuil hotel north of demaisoneuve on the east side

    this is my 2nd choice for a hotel in this area-always a very curtious staff and clean room not the ritz but passes the test
    upper floors are all booked all the time by the grey houdn bus drivers
    used to be a knockout blond who worked the desk but typically she was devorced with 4 kids came from a crime family and was dateing a bag of shit dealer from my area who i know personally so this was a big disapointment--i could have had her as easy as snapping my fingers but all the potential problems that came with ehr were not witht the problem
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    Default eureka hotel

    in the sthubert area this is the number2 from the worsts--i think the last time they cahged the bedding trudeau was primeminister--2 camel jockeys are always at the desk--they are polite with me but typically they look down at woman and ive even seen they push 1 girl--i came close to punching the guy out over this but descided to just mind my business--central toilet small rooms poorly heated
    small wash basin with 2 nhand towels and small bars of soap in each room--no tv jsut a bed and window
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    Default hotel dufrance east of stlaurent on stcatherine

    this is the only hotel i will use in this area
    there is 2 west of this that are just horrid
    this hotel the 1 hr room is ok but the otehr rooms are quite spectacular--i had picked up a massage girl wo worked as a stripper as well in berrie metro at a pizza joint and took her hre-no mention of money but she did menti9n she was in the shit so i gave her $40--at the tiem concidentially it was my birthday and when i mentioned this she gave me the money back--which i refused told her to keep it
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    Oliver, saw your Asian friend outside the peeps by the pizza place on Drummond last night. She looked pretty good and was getting quite a bit of attentions.

    Her thug-like bf was close by too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slickrick View Post
    Oliver, saw your Asian friend outside the peeps by the pizza place on Drummond last night. She looked pretty good and was getting quite a bit of attentions.

    Her thug-like bf was close by too.
    bro if you get the chance get her to your hotel--she is an amazinigndeep throat cocksucker and has a tight little asian pussy and an enhanced pair of tits
    note she will try to get more but she can be done cheap--she tried for 60 for a bj and i ended fuckign her for 60--she has been knowwn to go for as little as 40 and as much as 100 so buyer beware

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    Default peep show west of cresant on stcatherine st north side

    this peep you go down the stairs and you can esit by the back up stairs and your in an alley and you can go east ot west you can enter by here as well
    i came in the reaar with naoimi the asian girl with the enhanced tits--put toonies and loonies and got a bj and fucked her in the booth while i watched a dirty movie--quite a trip
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    Default peep and sex vilage on stlaurent south of stcatherine on the east side

    ive picked up many a girl and used both places
    the peep on the right of the picture by the front its straight in used to be you could enter by the back door which was sweet as this palce runs a type of scam like all the others if you go in with a friendthey want you to purchase a card $20 and a $2 deposit like renting a room and its big enought for 4 people--the small booths for 1 ive done many a fgirl by sneeelking in and just putting a few coins loonies and toonies
    beware alte at night tehere is transexuals and transvestites in this area
    as well never drop your pants for a bj and leave your wallet in your pants or ill guarantee you it will not be there when you check later
    always put your wallet up high in a jacket pocket preferably with a zip lock

    the place on the left you go in and down stairs--the back is usually open--ive fucked girls in both palces and got bjs in both as well

    the place on the left
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    Default peep on stelizabeth and stcatherine west south corner

    this place ive been in and out but never yet taken a girl in for service yet
    ive seen some of the hottest girls in montreal late at night outside here with legs that go all the way up and meet the ass--im told they are protected by the bikers and they charge a 300 charge for a quickie serive which is rushed--ive taked to 1 of the girls 1 time and she went from nice to bitch in 2.5 secounds-personally id never take them with teh attitudes they have
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    Default park montcalm and ontario east couth corner

    this park was a front page picture in a bust of prostitutes a few years back-when i started 9 yrs ago in this hobbie this park was a rocking place with never less than 4 prostitutes and a few drug dealers all the time--still at night if not in the park on one of the conrers you will find girls who apear and disapear quick
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    Default 1st park on montcalm on the west side of the street north of ontario

    this park like may otehrs ive seen may prostitutes over the years

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    Default 2nd park on montcalm east side north or ontario

    this park i got a bj behind a big rock from 21 yr old alysia many hookes have been here over the years
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    Default 3rd park on montcalm just south of sherbrook

    i saw the funniest thing here--i met 21 yr old alyssia and she was waiting for the local drug dealer for a delivery -so we sat and made out--one of her clients was waiting for her and was visibuly upset i was getting some for free--on comes the druig dealer a tatooed bafoon whit no visible emotion--didnt even take a secound look at me--most are so paranoid but what was funny was like the pied piper all the rats about 10 dopers were following him waiting their turns to exchange their money for drugs
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