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    Default SALON BLEU

    367 Boul Cure Labelle - 1km north of Hwy 440


    H7P 2P3

    (450) 944-2809



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    Default more from the archives

    Le Salon Bleu
    This club is along 117 after the intersection of highway 440 and 117
    This is a long established club that usually has a good selection of hot and not so hot girls again restriction on keeping the g string on.Grinding and eye candy (good show) can be very good at this club, I tried it in the afternoon.
    Girls at this club are not very aggressive so if you see one you like, you should go and ask her to dance.
    Patricia brunette very toned body very good show.
    2.00 entrance 10.00 / dance

    Patricia is still there and her body is still hot and hard.
    but she tried to fast count me the last time, i like the way she fingers her pussy and does the offshore grind. so keep count and pay after 3 songs to avoid the kaching count.


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    A lot of hidden cameras here, I knew one of the girls that work here in her other life.

    Daytime some additional types of dances were available, got a BBBJTC once at $10/dance. I stopped going after the cameras were installed.

    Deny everything, even if they have pictures, although video is harder to dispute.

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    dose anyone gos there anymore...
    wanna go dance but wanna know a bit more how it is these days...

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    where you don't live


    after the Hilltop, went to salon blue.
    Even though it was Friday night nothing much at this place.
    only about 7 customers with about 7 girls.
    had 2 dances with petite white girl (Vanessa, I think). pure air dance.
    Dee had a few dances with a black girl and he was happy.

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    Went there a while back with Orallover at Midnight. Had dances with Niki, black, nice breasts, friendly, gave a nice shoulder massage

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    I've been going there pretty often. The only good days are Thursday and Saturday. There is between 6-10 girls that can range from 2 to 9's. Girls there are usually laid back and if you show a bit of class you can have a decent time in the booth.

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    Default Darlene Late 40's black hair tanned skin nice rack!

    Does anyone know where this hot gem is or if she is still working at salon bleu at night?

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    After my short visit below at 369 club, Friday 5th May, see in thread, visited here between 23h-24h59, heh, much more activity and better selection of dancers, havent recognized none from before to my knowledge, few were sitting with customers, most probably regulars, and the rest busy busy in the boots.

    There were many exotic/black dancers, for the amateurs, hope it helps.

    One particularly interesting, blond tanned very well proportionned, looked late twenties, maybe early thirties, was busy all the time was there and didnt get to see her on stage, so no name.

    Settled for what was available, even though busy too, after doing their stage, Vanessa early twenties, blond short slim and well endowed, mileage is average but a nice person, then stunning redhead natural, tall and very well proportionned, good mileage a little bit mechanical and pretentious, but can understand.

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    I passed by this place last night. It has been almost five years since the last time I was at this club. It is a new owner from the last time I went... the same owner as Bazaaz, L'Exibe... the club has been completely renovated. The club looked very nice. I was very impressed with the quality of the girls... if you like Black girls... then this is the place for you. There were about seven girls in total... and they had five fine looking Black girls... all very dark skinned and slim. I was in heaven . So much choice... anyhow most seemed to be busy with a group of guys and one left early for the night. I saw this petite tiny 5'0 Black girl with curves in all the right places and a nice round booty.

    She sat at the bar and order a drink and we started a conversation. We had a nice long conversation. It was her second night of her dancing career so I knew to not expect much from the dances. But I took her as she looks so good. There is a $3 booth cover fee. The booths are so small and they got these sofas with armrests . And I am thinking why put those? A guy cannot open his legs comfortably to receive a nice grind and neither it is comfortable for the girl as she cannot really sit on you. I also noticed there was a lot of booth patrol. The girl new how to dance but got almost no grinding... so I stopped her at two songs.

    All in all... I found the club to be fun... they were playing nice hip hop music instead of that boring rock and 80's music back in the days with the other owner... the women very attractive... however the sofa with armrests is a big no for me so I will not be returning here. Too bad also. I wonder if 369 has the same type of sofas with armrests... will check it one night.

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    Saturday, September 1, 2012

    I decided to make a round of Club 369 and Salon Bleu. The parking lot was full so I knew it would be busy. I first went to Club 369 and although the club was busy according to the doorman there were only four girls on duty... so I went straight to Salon Bleu. Upon entering I noticed many cute Blacks so I found my spot. I recognized a few of the Black strippers mostly former Kingdom strippers that used to work when Richard was the doorman back in 2008.

    I was impressed with the quality of the ladies. Most of them very pretty and lots of pretty slim Blacks. Music was mostly hip hop which I liked. None of that rock music which I really hate. The customers there was a mixed bunch. There were a lot of those yo-yo gangsta thug types of dudes. Samantha a Black was there I know for a few years stuck to me like glue. Would not leave me. Bought her a drink and took some dances with her. Same crappy cramped booths with those chairs with armrests. Too much booth patrol and cameras in the booths so not much fun can be had. Samantha was grinding and the doorman came to tell her to not grind. I did not take more then three dances due to the fact that not much fun can be had.

    Later I got approached by a petite African girl who put on a very energetic stage show. She told me that she loves to dance (she did not mean stripping she meant dancing) and it showed as she was very good on stage. She asked me to dance her even though I desired her I declined due to the booths and booth patrol. I left her with promises that I would return for her.

    And afterwards the most beautiful Black girl in the club came to seem me... very slender and so beautiful. It was Jasmine who recognized me from when she used to work at Kingdom. I dunno if she still has the same name. We had a nice long convo almost an hour of chatting with her. I went out with her while she smoked. It was past 2am and then decided to leave.

    I had a fun night just the booth action sucks cuz of the club policies. I might return for the eye candy and inquire with some of the ladies for a possible take out. A lot more fun can be had with that then the lame booths.

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    Default Ouch!

    Une effeuilleuse d'un bar de danseuses nues de Laval pourrait faire face à de graves accusations après avoir heurté et traîné un client sous son véhicule sur 400 m dans la nuit de vendredi à samedi.

    Selon la police de Laval, une dispute verbale aurait débuté vers 3 h 30 après la fermeture du bar le Salon Bleu situé sur le boulevard Curé-Labelle entre l'employée de 27 ans et un client.

    Pour une raison encore inconnue, la femme aurait par la suite percuté l'homme de 26 ans avec sa voiture.

    Il s'est retrouvé coincé sous l’automobile et a été traîné sur près de 400 m avant que des automobilistes ne parviennent à faire immobiliser le véhicule de la danseuse au coin du boulevard Dagenais.

    « Il a été chanceux, mentionne la sergente Geneviève Major. Il a été conduit à l’hôpital pour faire des vérifications, mais il s’en tire avec quelques brûlures seulement. »

    Pas intoxiquée

    La jeune femme a été arrêtée par les policiers et a été interrogée par les enquêteurs.

    Des bandes vidéo seront également visionnées par les autorités.

    Geste volontaire ou non, la conductrice devra répondre de ses actes.

    « Assurément, il y aura une accusation de négligence criminelle ou de conduite dangereuse. Si l’enquête montre que c’est un geste volontaire, une accusation d’agression armée pourrait aussi être déposée », ajoute la sergente Major.

    Elle confirme que la danseuse n’était pas intoxiquée au moment de l’accident.
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