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Thread: Street action Gat/Ott

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    I think they all know all they had to do is walk outside and they'd get cash so why bother the effort of organizing something. A few were on BP every once in a while, but I never visited.

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    So true my friend

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    Saw sunshine the other night, she's back but put a couple of pounds on
    Has any one had luck lately

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    Too bad if Sunshine is back on the street. She’s got a lot of support and was very content with her kid and SO. Something must have gone wrong to get her back into the life. I’ve known her from China Town to Vanier and FB. I’ll have to go find her and see what went wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slurp View Post
    At the risk of losing some good talent I hope all these girls beat the odds and get clean and healthy.

    I question the posting of any personal info on here, these girls deserve privacy same as we are entitled to. Hopefully there is a mod that can delete the personal info. Please think before posting stuff like this.
    I take your point. First names only. I’m more familiar with other personal media where they use their full names and phone numbers so it didn’t seem out of place here but when we are assessing their talent it’s different, I see that.

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    With the new shelter moving to Vanier we should be seeing a resurgence correct? It's been dead there, I got lucky on Caldwell awhile ago but it's been dead there too... Is Vanier or Caldwell better these days?

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    There's always somone around Caldwell and they always seem to be more attractive than from Ive heard is in Vanier. Have you tried near the misson area in the market, apparently there's action there?

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    It's looking like Felecia can use some clean time soon, hope she gets some help, those pics on BP and the words with them arent good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by salmon32 View Post
    It's looking like Felecia can use some clean time soon, hope she gets some help, those pics on BP and the words with them arent good.
    Martina. That’s really sad. At least she’s telling it like it is. She’s beginning to look a lot like her dad, Stanley. He loves her to the moon and back and I hope he doesn’t see her ad. He’s a really nice guy and his other daughter is fine. I agree that it would be great if she would clean up. I’ve asked her about it and she’s just not interested. Like she says it’s the love of her life. Her daughters should be the loves of her life!

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    Hope you all had a nice Christmas. Anyone see any action on Caldwell lately? Or any where else?

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    Smile Update-Vanier

    Have checked out Vanier a little bit last few days and nothing to report. Did not spot 1 girl. Maybe to cold. All the best in 2018 for everyone.

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    Taken a peek at Vanier sometimes but never stopped. I've always hear the girls weren't as attractive, or easy/safe to make a new friend at as with caldwell and yet people still keep at it out in the east end. As long as there's nothing happening, it's always been a sure bet to find a decent girl off Merivale without a million cops being around. Is Vanier that much easier to get to than caldwell? Is it because of all the quebec plates going to Vanier?

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    Smile Vanier

    Salmon you ask some good questions and I will try to answer some. Years ago quality of girls and amount of girls in Vanier was high. Convenience for me is also a factor. I am in that area more often. Last these days I am mostly window shopping I post updates once in a while just let board members know what is happening in Vanier.

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    JP you raise a good point there, if you travel along Montreal Road on a regular basis you can't help but see all of the excitement and possible entertainment. Whereas Merivale/Caldwell you pretty much gotta go off Merivale and up and around to see what's happening. Even of you just window shop now, you cant miss the vanier action if it's part of your route. having said that, so much more of a rush I guess to try to dodge getting caught on the main road there than the quiet turns and hills of caldwell. So may places for LEO to hide on Montreal Rd, so few on those caldwell streets.

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    Smile Salmon

    In all my years of hobbying rarely have I picked up a girl on Montreal Road. Action takes place on the side streets.

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    There's the one famous side street with the pizza place. Everything just seems so open and highly visible there lol But, as Paxton used to tell us, "they" used to watch us drive around from a particular apartment in one of the big towers on caldwell, and they certainly werent the police.

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    honestly its been quiet lately with Vanier, had anyone had any luck
    its a hit & miss

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    looks like this thread is dead

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    Default Hibernating

    I am sure there will be more to talk about as soon as the weather warms up a bit. The streets are definitely not dead but the pickings are very very thin.

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    I drove through Vanier today and saw a few. Some familiar and some unfamiliar. I don't understand home some can stay in the game for so many years. It's not an easy life.

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