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Thread: Street action Gat/Ott

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    Default Holy cops in caldwell

    I must've seen about five different cop cars in caldwell tonight. three that were really obvious, and i spotted two others as well. as for ladies, saw two on the steps to a building on morisette, but a) it looked they were being watched by cops and b) it looked like they were civilians having a polite smoke. Lots of cops, no fun girls, still mildly entertained.

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    Street action in Ottawa is dead. I'm not even going to bother going out anymore until things change, or a new area shows promise.

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    Default Looking For April

    long shot but is she still walking funny in vanier? i'm looking for contact info

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    Smile Update

    Have checked out Vanier a little bit in the last two weeks. Not much to report but have seen a native girl on Lafontaine that does not look bad. Yellow and black jacket. Evader I have not seen April in some time but if I do see her will let you know.

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