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Thread: Tina at 6700 Sherbrooke

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    Default Tina at 6700 Sherbrooke


    Despite some so-so reviews about the place, I decided to visit here since it was convenient. I was greeted by a pretty, young asian girl (early to mid-20s) who called herself Tina, maybe a little chubbier than the average asian girl but it looked good on her.

    The massage itself was a bit softer than I would like, but she did this very soft rubbing thing on the back that kind of tickled but, at the same time, was kind of sensual. After the flip she asked if I wanted a HJ, of course I said yes. In my opinion she was very good at that, but I don't have much to compare with. She allowed some gentle touching and let me feel her ass under her panties. I didn't try going for the front so I don't know if she would have allowed that -- but that's fine with me, I'm more of an assman anyway. When we chatted a little afterward, she emphasized her name was Tina and to remember her for next time -- I assume so that she can get paid more, but I guess one needs to expect that!

    She was a cute, gentle girl and I would repeat for the good ending -- and also in the hope that I could get a bit more mileage on a second visit!

    face 4/5
    body 3/5 (didn't see much, but she looked like she had a nice body underneath!)
    service 4/5 (so-so massage, good hj)
    attitude 4.5/5

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    Default More info...


    Can you provide us with some more info??
    How can we reach her???


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    Quote Originally Posted by juveleo99 View Post

    Can you provide us with some more info??
    How can we reach her???

    Jouvance Sante 6700 Sherbrooke W. 514-483-5586.
    The place doesn't have the best of reputations. I haven't been there in a while so it might have changed. They used to have a white bedsheet in the big front window with massage writen on it in big letters. Classy.

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    Default Their reputation...

    Juveleo is correct when he says the reputation of this place is not so great. I only went there because it was convenient. His description about the sheet in the window and the sign hasn't changed. From the outside it's kind of dodgy, I didn't even know the name of the place! It was clean inside though, and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised. Perhaps it has improved, or I may have just gotten lucky!


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    Thumbs up julia

    i had a tip a while back and by the time i had the chance to go see this malysian/chinese lady she had gone from cote de neiges to here at cdn her name was lily here it julia-i felt like a bit of a fool i came in here-i never make apointements and a vedry tiny asian greets me--cute--i said is julia who worked at cote des neiges workign today--she rel=plies its me--i came back with well you are cute so id like a 1 hr massage with you if this is ok
    i had taken a bath prior so i didnt need to shower
    i was led to a room down the hall and on the east side-i requested a room with a mattrace as im very tall and its more comfortable--i am almost 2x her height
    she is 1m55 and 42kg--her age is in 4)'s i was told by my source but she could pass for 30's--b cup and a littllle set of hips ,nice package

    she enters the room in jeans and a tshirt and i asked,could you get nude for me--she smiles and off comes the cloating in a wink of an eye

    she sits and stares at my face and we kiss-french kiss ,deep kissnice breasts and i motion her to a 69--georgous hind quarters,very clean,shaved absolutely melts in your mouth..never at any time was a mention of money
    initally i took 1 hr at $50
    so we do a 69 probably for 10 minutes

    she then started to rub her pussy on me and asked if i had a condom which i had prepared in my shoe-actually i had 1 in both shoes and forgot to take the otehr one out and walked around all day with it in my shoe
    we went from 69 to missionary
    missionary she is so tight i cant get it in all the way so switched to doggie and her warmed up i could.tightest pussy i ever had=she is so petite its such a turnon--such a small ass with taking a 1/2 cialis yesterday today i took the otehr half and the effect seems to bost i had such a hard erection ti was almost painful. so when i finished she wanted to massage me.but once i blow my load i want to run
    so i said how much time she says 1/2 hr lewft so i say look lets call it a day take a 1/2 at 35 i arleady paid you 50 and the 15 is yours with waht else i give you which was $45--so her tip was $60 and the 1/2 hr was $35 total $95 i had heard her price was 80 for fs but like reyna at cdn i was told her price wwas 100 which i threw at her to find others had done her as cheap as 40
    i probably get way with murder as far as prices go because of the way i look
    i was prepared to give more if she was upset but she smiled kissed and thanked me and said see you soon
    i left feeling like a million bucks-called hopeless slut to give him the 411(haywood jablomie)

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    Default Julia

    Saw Julia:
    Good massage skills and other skills good too.
    She never mentioned money (tip amount. left 40 for nude).

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    Default Darlene

    Saw Darlene for a change. She looks like a girl from caribbean islands; did not ask though. Poor massage skills; unenthusiastic slow, erratic hands' motion here and there. Tried to cut on time. Quoted options 40-60-80. with this kind of technique we should be paid.
    I would recommend to avoid.

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    Default Julia = Lily from CDN

    Is Julia the same Lily from CDN that was beside the store RONA? If you can provide this info that would be great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by yungone View Post
    Is Julia the same Lily from CDN that was beside the store RONA? If you can provide this info that would be great!


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    Hello to all,

    If you are looking for your prefered masseuse at 5700 sherbrooke ouest, you may call their other place located on sherbrooke st EAST near Lacordaire. I don't have the phone no. actually but i will post it when i get it.

    Last week i went to that place on sherbrooke EAST and i had a session with Nathalie. She is an asian lady in her 20ies, slim and almost no boobs. the session was nothing to write home about. She asked 40$ for a simple full cloathed HJ. After reading the numerous stories of Oliver, i simply said: baby, it's 20$ or nothing. She quickly accepted.

    the week before i saw Nikki or Kikki. She is of thai origin and a little plump. She is usually at the other location. YMMV.


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    she can actually give a great massage top marks
    has skills in teasing and

    has a very open mind and is not greedy

    gfe experiacne
    i have had dfk daty bbbj and fs .typically she expects $80 but i have gotten away with as little as $60 on ocasion

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    Corner of street, store front look.
    Greeted by young asian (receptionist ?) took 1 hr.Room very small,not warm,small fan type heater.Mattress on floor.Shower took forever to go from ice cold, to hot.
    Asian,mid 30's comes in with a smile.Good massage,never mention of a tip.Felt like a million bucks after.

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    well i got a trial 4 tabs of viagra and wondered if this shit works as well as cialis.
    buddie of mine told me take it easy.i got 100 mg tabs as the 25 50 and 100 are all the same price
    got a pill splitter at jean coutu-
    took 1/2 tab on an empty stomach and wondered if this stuff will work.
    30 minutes later on the bus on the way to 6700 sherbrook
    my nose blocked up eyes bugged out and man i got such a hardon i swear i almost bent in 2.and it stayed hard for no reason for 40 minutes and then jstu went down a bit.yup definatly harder hardons than cialis but you only got a 6 hr window as apposed to 30 hrs with cialis.

    went with a sure thing at 6700.julia. a real sweetheart.true gfe experiance each time and not a greedy bone in her body-bonus her massage is to die for.
    kisses deep kiss french like a girlfriend.as far as asians go she is one of the best at bbbj by far.snap of fingers to any position you desire and if your up a secound time in the hour she takes you like a champ. $50-1 hr massage and an $80 tip with a smile.
    best value in the city.
    julia is malaysian chinese 5 ft tops.early to mid 30s.

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    Do you happen to know if she is there most of the time?


    Quote Originally Posted by Shock_Treatment_Shawn View Post
    julia is malaysian chinese 5 ft tops.early to mid 30s.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mtl.vibe View Post
    Do you happen to know if she is there most of the time?

    Pretty much. Just call the salon and ask whether Julie is working and available.

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    Shes not that great looking, belly, saggy and hairy

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    Its hard to find a good value these days but julia the chinese malaysian is just that

    Julia greets you with a smile,petite in stature listed as 23 yrs old , but is older- mid 30s to be exact.
    real nice person,great massage skills,
    very gfe in sevice and respects the full hour,i cant say enought good about thsi woman,she brightens my day
    i should see her more often but i dont,today was jsut what i needed.She is very attentive to your needs and skilled in all areas
    $50-1 hr massaage and a complete gfe experinace set me back $80 tip with a smile and a kiss,so she is not greedy either.
    JUst her massage is worth the money,the xtras are a bonus.

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    she is average small petit women but in term of services its worth going to see her.

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    Default 6700 sherbrook w

    Quote Originally Posted by candyman View Post
    she is average small petit women but in term of services its worth going to see her.

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    Default 6700

    Anything new here beside July and Rose.

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