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Thread: Maria Divina Indy Outcall

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    Thumbs up Maria Divina Indy Outcall

    Maria Divina, 34 yr, 5'3, 115 lb, 34a, long black/brown, shaved, 8-9-9, some-English, dfk, loves-daty, bbbj, msog, body slide, red wine, shower

    I met Maria at a private party and she came across as a fun-loving escort in her 30's. On the day of our appointment, she walked in dressed as a secretary but with stockings, garter belt & corset underneath. She took off her glasses and washed off her lipstick before greeting me with deep kisses. At the party, Maria had propounded a theory that white wine was for midday, rose wine for the afternoon and red wine for the evening, no matter what food it accompanied. So the wine we chose to open was no surprise. We cuddled on the sofa but she seemed to find the lingerie outfit too uncomfortable. She looked relieved when I told her to go ahead and get them off. She got practically naked and I raced to catch up with her. We exchanged deep-tongue kisses while we drank the wine and talked. She fed me a mouthful of wine while kissing and it was delicious. I took another sip returned the same favor.

    We got into bed for more dfk. Maria positioned her breasts over my mouth so I could feast on them for a while. Then I enjoyed daty with deep fingering until she orgasmed. She gave me a bbbj next and licked my balls too. I played with her soft black hair that draped over my belly while her head was bobbing. When I asked about coming in her mouth, she said her two restrictions were no bbbjtc and no greek. We had sex in missionary while continuing to enjoy deep-kissing.

    We chatted and finished our wine. I got out my massage oil and gave her a back massage. I then demonstrated a body slide on top of her back. Maria had never come across this before and found she liked it. I had her turn over on her back and body-slid all over her front too to complete the lesson. Then it was her finals with me on my back and her body-sliding over me. She passed with flying colors. For extra credit, she switched from sliding with her chest to massaging me with her pussy. This made both of us horny enough for another full service. "You seem to be a person who likes women" she observed. No kidding!

    Maria let me accompany her to the shower and we soaped each other everywhere. She got dressed and put her lipstick back on. I added a $20 tip to her fee and deep-kissed her goodbye. Oops! Now she had to put lipstick on again.
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    Default Ya Ba Dah Ba Doo!

    If you do not like feeling (my apologies to Lou Gehrig) like 'the luckiest man on the face of the earth', do not attempt to meet the lovely 'Maria Divina'! I am old and with some physical capabilities that make me feel even older, I am reluctant to call on many of the ladies out of shame that I do not and cannot perform like I did many years ago. That's why I was delighted to hear the always happy voice of Jessy when I called Montreal Sex City. Even though I doubt I will ever get over my appreciation of her, it was very comforting to hear her voice. I asked Miss Jessy for a recommendation and she suggested Maria. Well, I am here to tell you that her recommendation was outstanding. Maria is a lovely woman with an incredible zest for life. She arrived and I offered her strawberries, mini-pizzas and champagne - all of which she accepted and consumed with gusto. She arrived at 9:30 and I was her last engagement of the evening which made our time together very unhurried and nice. We talked and drank champagne with some very sweet light kissing on the couch while we watched the Yankees tie up the Jays in the bottom of the ninth and win in extra innings, (the only bad part of the night.....LOL). Time flew by as we talked and kissed and before I knew it the two hours I had requested had already ended. Maria phoned in for extra time and Jessy laughed because she had 'told me so'! We made our way to the bedroom where I was very much at ease by now with Maria and her with me. Without giving away too much, I was able to perform credibly, even though I was just a wee bit too rough once or twice, digit wise. But other than that, our time in bed was very satisfying and fun. When Miss Maria left around 1 AM I was a happy, albeit worn-out puppy who was left at the door by a sensual kiss form Maria! In the morning , I was not sure if I had dreamed the whole night or not...................until I saw the highlights of the Yankee game on SportsCentre! Thank You Maria.................and Thank You for an evening I will never forget! Merci Beaucoup!

    P.S. Thank You as well Jessy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Thumbs up Maria Divina

    WOW, OMG, i am still in awe!! from my evening with this fine delicious sophisticated and wounderful lady.

    I was in Montreal for business,feeling lonely and of course horny, so i read through the forums, i came across the forum on Maria Divina from Montreal escorts, i was intriqued by this petite lady, her pics on the site are very good however she is a lot hotter and sexier in personne WOW!!!!.

    I phoned the agency and booked an appointment for that evening at 7pm, when i opened the door, it was a jaw droping experience she is drop dead goergous, Maria was wearing a white summer dress and heels and a wounderful inviting smile, she entered the room, made her call to the agency, i was still in awe!!! and almost speechless lol

    I started by offering her wine and we sat and talked, she made me feel like we had known each other for years, excellent conversation on numerous subjects, being in the military and having traveled numerous countries and been in battle, it was stimulating to talk with Maria, she is so softspoken.'

    When it came close to the hour we had to phone for an extra hour no problem, when she started to get undressed OMG!!! what a hot petite body she has, i will not get into the fine details of our time together because i consider her a true lady, all i will say is that she is a true GFE. I am sure she enjoyed our session as much as i did and i can safely say that i had the wet sheets as a reminder lol lol

    Once our time together came to an end, i escorted her back to her vehicle because she had not parked on the hotel site, and of course i would not let a a fine lady like Maria walk the streets at night alone, i waited till she was safely in her vehicle and on her way.

    I truly recomend Maria to anyone who wants to have a trully sexual and mentally stimulating time.

    What a Gem, Jessy from the Agency, keep an eye on this jewel of yours, and for the others who will be with her in the future treat her with respect she deserves it.

    Maria Divina thank you once again for an incredible evening, as my departure time for Afghanistan draws closer i will remember our time and hopefully Good willing i will return from my tour safely, if i do not return, I will always remember the time i spent with you.

    Looks: 10
    Body: 10
    Breast: 10
    service: 10
    Repeat a must

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    Quote Originally Posted by hornysoldier View Post
    Maria Divina thank you once again for an incredible evening, as my departure time for Afghanistan draws closer i will remember our time and hopefully God willing i will return from my tour safely, if i do not return, I will always remember the time i spent with you.
    Stop, I am going to cry. Nice review and good luck in Taliban land. Come back home safely...Maria Divina will greet you properly.

    "Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can have. It's much sexier than any body part."

    -Aimee Mullins

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    Default An Encounter with a secretary. ( Big Review not for the faint of heart) ENGLISH

    Maria Divina, Such a special women. I dont believe it is possible to not have a good time with this gorgeous looking woman.
    My interest in her started when i saw her posting on he forum. I noticed something different from her. This lady seemed
    educated, smart and generally outgoing. I think what every hobbiest looks for is a women who does not just do this for the money
    but infact takes great pleasure in what she does. Well with that said, Maria is all that and more. She is gorgeous, smart, loves to have
    fun and is actually fun to be with. She is not a clock watcher at all infact when you with her time flies by so fast because she is just
    so captivating on so many level. Im sure you guys must of noticed by now that i dont usually write reviews, however this time i thought it was important to
    give to this Gem the credit she deserves. You could not ask for more in a women.

    Ok about my encounter, i would like to warn you before you start reading I WILL NOT post accronyms of any kind since what we did together is between me
    and her and will remain private. However, she is total GFE so theirs no point in worrying there.

    First off, booking with Jessy is a piece of cake. Their is no complications of any kind and her nice sweet voice is very appealing to hear when you call.
    Something i have to say about Jessy and her girls is that they are VERY punctual. I had booked the Divina for 5 PM and she was there at 4:58 PM. This is the
    first time a girl arrives not only on time but in advance wow... Points for that.

    Maria had noticed my little fetish for sexy secretary looks and decided to suprise me by dressing like a sexy secretary lol. When i opened the door i was baffled,I had Maria in front of me with a white top and a grey brownish skirt with her glasses. At this point my Jaw dropped down to the floor and i had to pick it up before inviting her in. Maria was in my eyes so sexy in her little outfit not to mention the fact that she took the initiative to do this for me when its the first time we meet. Big points for that Madame ! You are gorgeous and you know it. So after all that i invited her in introduced myself. She was pretty happy to finally see me after having talked in the chat a few times. I think you can all understand that putting a face on a handle is always fun. Anyways she came in called her driver Mr.Peter, Special drivers for special ladies . I told her to make herself comfy so i told her to sit on the only chair in the room and i sat on the ottoman. Its the least i can do. We started talking and wow this lady blew me away. She is such in interesting person she loves to talk, kind of like me.... Which became rather interesting we where like having a Debate about all kinds of subjects. So on a conversation level we connected awsomely. She can handle any kind of conversation and will infact even suprise you about her vast knowledge. After god known how much time we spent talking i gave her the gift i had bought for her. I got some products for the skin which she seemed to enjoy. She also told me i was the first person to give her a gift which is probably why she was so shocked when i handed it to her. ( Hope you like it Maria ) Ok after that we where starting to get pretty excited from all are talking so we started getting more comfy with each other. Maria, to my suprise had another suprise for me !! She had some rather sexy lingerie undernearth her sexy secretary outfit. Maria is a great kisser, i think just being with her i learn't some new things. She loves to kiss and she is awsome at it. If i would rate her i would have to say she is the best kisser i have ever been with. She just keeps going and loves it. For the main course
    we took are time and enjoyed each other after all its not a marathon... Maria is pretty much open to any position you can think of. The energy showed by Maria cannot be faked she loves what she does and it shows. So we tried quite a few positions which where awsome and the energy she put into it really made it that much bether. Because maria genuinly loves Sex, you really need to treat her like a women. What i mean by this is if you want to have a good time i reccomend foreplay exchange of pleasure both ways and you have to want to talk. If you do all this you will have the time of your life. The combination of her unrushed service and the energy she puts in her work and her charm really makes her an exceptional women.

    Maria loves to laugh, Im sorry to say but if your and angry person and you dont enjoy laughing id suggest you loosen up first. My time with Maria will never be forgotten, we had a great time, well for my part i can say say i had ALOT of fun. I think Maria had a good time to from what i could see but il let her decide on that end. After the main action, we lied in bed together and talked about all kinds of things which i loved. Just seeing her naked there in bed next to me talking about everything and nothing was fantastic, the real package. With Maria, you wont be dissapointed and certainly wont ever forget your experience. After the action we had said we would take a shower together but we started talking and once again the conversation was so interesting that time just flew by. After a while I looked at the time and i was like wow its already over... lol. But Maria impressed me again by not being rushed at all. She went to take her shower we talked while she was dressing up and she seemed not in a rush at all. To me this was a deal breaker. Not only did she already stay the whole time i had booked she stayed longer and did not make an issue out of it. She was very affectionate the whole time she was here and seemed to really enjoy being there which really to me made her the "Perfect Package". Infact, she was more affectionate then any of my
    girlfriends in the past... Imagine in 3 hours we connected more then i did with a women i dated for 3 months lol.

    All in all, Maria is the real deal, and their is no way i can describe in words how great she was. I will from this momment on no longer see any other girls but her for as long as she stays in the buissiness.
    She is a total class act. Treat this lady like the princess she is and you will be treated like a prince. People who know me know im pretty young, (23) and Maria is 34-35 but we clicked right away and with ease.
    We where like 2 blabber mouths talking as if we had known eachother forever. In conclusion, il say this if all escorts had Maria's attitude and good manners
    I personally think the Escort buissiness would have a much bether image. Seriously... I need to stop writing or im gonna need a whole page in order to finish my review lol.

    One last thing i want to say, I stayed at the Sheraton Hotel which i think we can all agree is well located however !!!!!! The bed was actually pretty nice i find it nicer then the intercontinental ones BUT the room is very very small
    and the style of the room looked like it was made in the 1920's. I mean the wallpaper in the toillet looked like something that was in style 60 years ago. Another thing this hotel is so busy omg.... Theirs people going in and coming out of
    everywere every 5 seconds. While i was in the room the room maid knocked on the door twice i was freaking out.. i had the do not disturb sign and she still knocked i opened she said oh nvm..... This was pretty much the only bad thing with my otherwise
    perfect encounter with the godess Maria. The whole time we where in the room i kept hearing people walking around opening closing doors talking and stuff which as you can imagine is very annoying. The next time i see this beauty which will be
    Very soon il make sure i go to the Queen Elizabeth. She is worth every penny. Atleast this way here I wont have to deal with all these annoying people.

    Message to Maria incase she reads this: Maria like i told you during are encounter you are an exceptional women. Take good care of yourself and i wish you luck in all your plans in life. Actually you know what scrub that. Il just see you Very soon and tell you all this in person . The next time i promiss il bring you a nice (( Cafe a la vanille like you like :P )) Hope you enjoy your gift il come up with something more original next time :P


    Zone Alarm

    PS: I had to cut the review down by about 1500 words because Merc would not let me post more then 1600 ish words per post. So unfortunatly the full review wont go be able to go on here.

    Ladies in gentlement, i am so happy with my time with Maria that i will now proceeds to repeat everything in French. LOL

    Bon au lieu de juste utiliser Alta Vista pour faire la translation je vais simplement tout redire, mais d'une facon differente


    Oh i forgot... Don't bother PMING me a for acronyms or i will block you... And il enjoy it.

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    Default Maria Divina la Secrétaire de mes rêves. :D FRENCH

    Maria Divina est une femme extraordinaire. Je pense qu'il est impossible de ne pas pouvoir avoir du plaisir en sa compagnie. J'ai commencé à prendre plus d'intérêt dans cette dame quand j'ai vu ses messages sur le forum. J'ai tout de suite pris un internet dans elle et étant moi-même un individu curieux j’ai décidé d'en apprendre davantage sur elle. Elle me paraissait, intelligente, sophistiquée et très le fun. Je pense que c'est ça en générale qu'on recherche dans une femme avant tout? Maria Divina est une femme qui prend du plaisir à exercer son métier ce qui fait d'elle une véritable merveille. Voire mémé que je pense qu'on devrait nommer Maria comme la 8e merveille du monde. Bon la version en français va devoir être un peu plus courte, car j’ai écrit plus de 4000 mots dans la version en anglais et je commence à penser que j’écris une dissertation. ( Des mauvais souvenirs LOL)

    Tout d’abord, booker avec Jessy est extrêmement facile, voire même agréable.. lol Elle est tellement gentille et bien organiser que ce fut un extrême plaisir faire affaire avec elle.

    Bon Back to Maria ! C'est vraiment une femme exceptionnelle. Quand tu te retrouves à ses côtés rien d'autre dans le monde qui te dérange, appart les voisins retardés qui s’amusent à claquer la porte -.- . Avec cette dernière, le temps passe tellement vite, car elle est juste tellement captivante. Laisser faire les rencontres de 1 heure sorter votre wallet faite un peu d’overtime et arranger vous pour une bonne session de 2h minimum, vous ne le regretterez pas. Ce bijou peu parler de n'importe qu'elle sujet en rendant la conversation intéressante, voire même passionnante. Moi étant un individu qui adore parler a très vite tiré la conclusion qu'elle adore parler aussi. On était comme deux radios avec la switch à Fastforward. J'ai été très impressionné de ses connaissances et ces expériences. Juste a l’entende parler pendant 10 minutes tu peux constater que c’est une femme qui sait ce qu’elle fait et ou elle s’en va.

    Ceux qui me connaissent savent que j'écris rarement des review, mais avec cette femme exceptionnelle j'ai décider d'en faire un pour partager non seulement mes expériences avec elle, mais aussi pour lui donner le crédit et la reconnaissance qu'elle mérite.

    Bon faut commencer la, car je commence a m'endormir....... ( Cafeine levels are low)
    Maria a du voire mon post indiquant que j'amais les femmes en look secrétaire, car quand j'ai ouvert la porte elle portait des lunettes, avec une blouse blanche et une jupe sexy. Deja la, juste le fait qu'elle a fait sa pour moi ma sérieusement impressionner et j'étais d'ailleurs content que je lui aie acheté un cadeau pour retourner la faveur.
    Ensuite, elle est rentrée et nous n’avons jasé de tout et de rien. Je l'ai trouvé tellement belle, captivante et intelligente que le temps a passé tellement vite. Bon après un certain nombre de temps on à réaliser qu’on avait parlé pas mal et que le temps s’échappait. Alors, Maria est allée se préparer et à ma surprise elle avait une autre surprise pour moi !! Wow j’aurais peut-être du lui que c’était pas encore ma fête. Elle avait non seulement des vêtements sexy en dehors, mais aussi en dessous.

    Je dois dire honnêtement que Maria est une pro en matière de kissing. Non seulement qu’elle adore sa ( qui aime pas sa lol) elle l’adore vraiment !!! et le fait très bien ( je pense que j’ai apris quelque petits truc). La Divina est une femme sensuelle qui aime partager du plaisir, traitez-la comme la princesse qu’elle est et elle vous traitera comme un prince. Maria vous donne l’impression qu’elle est votre blonde/ ou plus ce qui fait qui donne le Girl Friend Expérience ultime. Une autre caractéristique que j’ai remarquée de cette beauté est qu’elle adore rire et s’amuser. Quand je dis rire je veux pas dire un hihi je veux dire un HAHA lol. Elle n’est non seulement fun à être avec, mais elle est même drôle lol. Après tout sa j’ai eu tellement de fun que j’ai du prolonger la rencontre et j’étais très triste de ne pas avoir amené plus d’argent sinon je l’autre booker toute la journée. Malheureusement pour moi je ne suis pas un ATM vivant lol. Bon, après tout ça on a continué à discuter et encore le temps est aller Zoom Zoom Zoom. Si juste les journées de travail allais si vite... Notre conversation a duré tellement longtemps qu’il était déja l’heure qu’elle parte, mais encore une fois elle à démontrer sa maturité et son expérience en prennant son temps pour se préparer ( Wow good for me) et je pense qu’elle voulait meme rester plus après ( next time : /) En conclusion, j’ai passer une soiré exceptionelle avec Maria Divina et je pense que dorénavent je vais juste la voire autant de fois que je peux..

    Mon seul regret... D’avoir booké au Sheraton Le Centre. Appart les ascenseurs qui te donnent l’impression d’être sur la lune qui vont tellement vite et la location ya rien de spécial n’a l’hôtel. Pour faire tout cela pire on avait des voisins retardés qui n’arrêtaient pas de claquer la porte et de l’ouvrir fermé et parlait très fort. Alors, ça faisait un peu des distractions pas trop le fun.

    La prochaine fois on va laisser faire Priceline et je vais louer une chambre au Queen Elizabeth II, elle le mérite bien et plus même.

    Cela dit.... Je commence à avoir mal aux mains......

    Maria, tu es une femme très spéciale. Prend bien soin de toi je sais que tu iras beaucoup plus loin dans la vie, avec ton attitude positive envers tout. On se revoit très très bientôt je l’espère bien. Je te remercie encore pour la fantastique soirée et j’espère que t’aimes ton cadeau la prochaine fois je vais essayer de penser a qqchose de plus original lol. Oh et finalement avant de partir j’ai bien arranger le cas de mes voisins.



    PS : J’espère t’avoir donné une meilleure impression des jeunes lol. Urg. Je la manque déjà..... To Maria: Esperanza de verle pronto. Usted realmente es una buena persona.. ( had to use my dictionnairy.)

    Et voilà la conclusion de mon Super Review. Je vais corriger les fautes d’orthographe un peu plutart. Si vous vouler un review dans une autre langue j’en ferais un en italien et espagnol, par contre attendez vous à avoir plus de 300 fautes d’orthographe minimum. Lol

    Oh i forgot... Don't bother PMING me a for acronyms or i will block you... And il enjoy it.

    With that said... Zone Out !

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZoneAlarm View Post
    je pense qu'on devrait nommer Maria comme la 8e merveille du monde.

    Oui Monsieur !!!

    Elle est la première demoiselle a s'être présentée chez Montreal Sex City,

    et par conséquent, la première merveille de cette équipe de merveilles !

    Tenez messieurs, encore des bravours de la belle Maria Divina !


    ★ Miss Jessy & The Classy, Pretty & Sexy Ladies! ¤ www.montrealsexcity.com ¤ Twitter
    MSC's Reputation since 2007: Agency ¤ GFE ¤ Owner ¤ Bookers
    Portfolio ¤ Schedule ¤ Booking ¤ Hiring
    514-234-1286 Thanks! Merci!

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    [QUOTE=hornysoldier;54200]Maria Divina thank you once again for an incredible evening, as my departure time for Afghanistan draws closer i will remember our time and hopefully Good willing i will return from my tour safely, if i do not return, I will always remember the time i spent with you.

    I trully beleive in my heart that you will return from there.....

    Thank you for a very nice rendez-vous....Thank you for your good words for me.....

    I kiss you and hug you....

    Maria Divina xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxo

    ps.....You have really keep the sheets??? hahahaha.......comme on disait, après le St-Suaire, le drap de Divina???...hahahahaha....J'ai adoré ma rencontre avec toi...svp...prend bien soin de toi....Je compte sur ton retour...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZoneAlarm View Post
    Oh i forgot... Don't bother PMING me a for acronyms or i will block you...
    Take a wild guess what will happen next time you ask questions about girls out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZoneAlarm View Post

    Oh i forgot... Don't bother PMING me a for acronyms or i will block you... And il enjoy it.

    With that said... Zone Out !
    taking notes BLACK BALL >> ZONE !

    Quote Originally Posted by hornysoldier
    Looks: 10
    Body: 10
    Breast: 10
    service: 10
    Perfect 10's should change her name to Nadia Comaneci


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    Quote Originally Posted by TerryGillette View Post
    Take a wild guess what will happen next time you ask questions about girls out there.
    You might want to read what i said before you write your statement. I said i wont give out any accronyms. And i really dont care because i have never asked anyone about anything and i wont need to since il only be seeing this lady from now on. Have a nice day.

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    In other words, she's a YMMV++GFE.


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    Default i would not give a 10 for look 6 to 7 at most

    end of message.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hobby11 View Post
    end of message.
    What kind of a useless post is that? Maybe you should write a review before commenting on someones looks? Also, something you might want to not forget, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Go write that one down might be usefull later on in life.

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    Default Come down guys !

    Hello Gentlemen,

    Ok let me clear up some details here, and that, even if I don't like to use
    numbers, it's part of the game

    Maria Divina

    Look: 8.5/10
    Symetric face, nice sparkeling round eyes, uniform skin, no stud, no marks,
    very white and staight teeth, great smile, nice horney nose

    Body: 8.5/10
    Spanish bump, muscular body, nice spanish soft skin with original light tan,
    not 9/10 cause breast not that perky but still joyfull, no marks.

    Services: 10/10
    As long as you are clean and not rude, you will have the full GFE services.
    No complain so far, no bad reviews either, no bad feed back.

    Attitude: 10/10
    Watch out guys, if you are in a bad mood, then meet her and it will
    be history. Positive outstanding attitude, loves men, loves meeting.

    Sorry for the number, I have to put myself in men shoes and play the
    game like the game as to be played for some.

    As for the acronymes, it's up to the reviewers to put some or not.
    Clients may focus on those while others focus on personality.

    In Maria Divina's case, her personality is hard to beat.
    So I guess that's why the gentlemen don't feel she's
    an acronyme lady. Still, the standards are in with
    this lady, since she likes what she is doing.

    Thanks and sorry again for this details but I still beleive she is one of
    the most valuable MILF in the industry.

    Remember, taste in regards of ladies are personal matters ...

    Have a nice day and have fun !

    ★ Miss Jessy & The Classy, Pretty & Sexy Ladies! ¤ www.montrealsexcity.com ¤ Twitter
    MSC's Reputation since 2007: Agency ¤ GFE ¤ Owner ¤ Bookers
    Portfolio ¤ Schedule ¤ Booking ¤ Hiring
    514-234-1286 Thanks! Merci!

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    Default Camping Sauvage avec Maria Divina

    J’ai eu l’honneur de faire la connaissance de Maria Divina à la rencontre du 30 juin. Elle m’a tout de suite fait penser à Margot Kidder, Diane Keaton et Margaret Trudeau dans leur jeunesse. Elle est belle, elle est vive, elle est femme, elle est fille…

    Elle a du charme, des idées. Des yeux pers qui dansent. Elle aime communiquer, de toutes les façons possibles.

    Elle arrive cinq minutes à l’avance. Je me sens malhabile, je la serre dans mes bras, mais je ne me sens pas prêt. Cinq minutes plus tard, tout entre de l’ordre. Je m’approche d’elle et nous nous faisons le plus joli des câlins…

    Tout en continuant à parler, nous nous touchons de plus en plus, et je commence à percevoir jusque à quel point Maria est aventureuse. À chaque fois qu’un aspect de son corps m’est révélé, je suis de plus en plus allumé… C’est qu’elle a vraiment un très joli corps. Elle est petite et mignonne, mais « il » y en a juste dans les bonnes proportions, et exactement aux bons endroits.

    J’ai eu droit à une aventure torride en pas pour rire. C’était tendre, mais aussi très enjoué et coquin. Comme moi, elle aime beaucoup se frotter et se coller, alors nous nous sommes très bien entendus! Nos rions aux éclats durant « Kiss me twice », de Parov Stelar. Et quelques minutes plus tard, nous sommes dans un autre monde alors que joue « Little white roses », de Paul & Price et Todd Ivy.

    Comme nous avons quasiment tout fait les choses habituelles (et quelques-unes, un peu moins hahaha), je vous épargne les détails. Il est déjà établi que Maria Divina offre un service hors-pair. Mais c’était chaud à volonté, plein de complicité, de rires, d’orgasmes, de baisers de plus en plus ardents et tendres, de confidences, de sucré, de salé, et de poivré… Elle m’a démontré le « Divina Slide », et j’ai fort apprécié. En son honneur et ce soir-là même, j’ai inventé le « SPM », et il me semble qu’elle ait fort apprécié aussi…

    Pendant notre douche, nous nous sommes embrassés passionnément. C’est toujours bien quand je fais la rencontre d’une vraie femme, qui sait que le plaisir ne finit pas avec l’orgasme, que rien ne bat se prélasser langoureusement ensemble après.

    Il y avait plus, mais ceci est un forum public. Quelle sapristi de femme. Après que Maria m’eut quitté, je me suis mis à marcher de long en large dans mon appartement. Au bout de 30 secondes, je souriais. Une minute plus tard, je souriais largement. Pas longtemps après, je riais comme un fou en me remémorant certains points forts de la soirée. Ah, mes aïeux…

    Maria, en effet nous devrons nous revoir, et ce sera à nouveau un grand plaisir, et un honneur, pour moi. Nous sommes chanceux de te compter parmi nous.
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    Default Camping in the wild, with Maria Divina

    I had the honor of meeting Maria Divina at the June 30th GT. She immediately reminded me of younger versions of Diane Keaton, Margot Kidder and Margaret Trudeau. She is beautiful, she is bright, she is woman, she is girl…

    She has charm, ideas, concepts. Hazel eyes that dance. She likes to communicate, in all possible ways.

    She arrives five minutes early. I feel awkward, we hug but I don’t feel ready yet. Five minutes later, everything is smoother. I get close again and this time, we have the sweetest and warmest of embraces…

    Still talking, we are touching one another more and more, and I start perceiving exactly to which point Maria is an adventuress. Each time a new part of her body is revealed to my eyes and touch, I fell more and more aroused. She has a really nice body. She is small and lithe, but there is “some where it counts”, exactly in the right proportions and places.

    I was treated to an adventure to remember. It was tender, but also playful and naughty. Like me, Maria likes rubbing, touching and hugging a lot, so we got along splendidly! We had a rip-roaring laugh during Parov Stelar’s Kiss Me Twice. By the time we got to “Little White Roses, by Paul & Price and Todd Ivy”, our mood was also sultrier.

    Since we did all-most of the standard things (and some not so standard hahaha), I will skip the details. It is already well-established that Maria Divina provides over-the-top services. But it was as hot as I can handle, full of complicity, laughs, orgasms, caresses bolder and more tender as we progressed along, sugar, salt, pepper… She showed me the “Divina Slide”, which I really liked. So in her honor, I invented the “SPM” on the spot, which she also seemed to enjoy…

    During our shower, we were kissing passionately. I always love meeting a real woman, who knows that the pleasure doesn’t end with the orgasm, that basking in the togetherness of the afterglow is one of the best parts.

    The is so much more, but not on a public forum. What a woman. After she left, I started pacing back and forth. I was smiling after 30 seconds. A minute later, grinning from ear to ear. Then a little later, I was laughing like crazy, remembering some of the wildest moments of the night. My word…

    Maria, yes we must meet again, and it will another time, be a pleasure and an honor for me. We are lucky you are here with us.
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    Default To a beautiful woman

    It is beautiful woman like Maria Divina that keeps me returning to Montreal from New York. Maria I had a wonderful evening. Great conversation, great kisses, and great everything else. Sweet dreams tonight as you have already gave me mine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pleaseuplease View Post
    It is beautiful woman like Maria Divina that keeps me returning to Montreal from New York. Maria I had a wonderful evening. Great conversation, great kisses, and great everything else. Sweet dreams tonight as you have already gave me mine.
    I was wondering the other day what happened to "the review of the month" concept? (not that the above has any chance of course)

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    Default We Must Be Serious!

    I generally hobby down in Boston (have a deep rooted fear of Customs, cavity searches, latex gloves, etc...), but, due to this board, decided to head north for my 1-day vacation. This board has current, relevant information (thanks, guys/girls!), and I was fortunate enough to get an appointment with Maria Divina.
    Despite my cell phone's stubbornness (operator error, I'm sure), and due to Jessy's professionalism (thanks, Jessy!), Maria arrived at my room, wearing a white coat, nice jeans, glasses & boots (an urban professional woman on a casual Friday - great look!). We sat down, ate drank, smoked, laughed, chatted, laughed, laughed (did I already say that?) for what seemed like hours (oh, yeah - it was hours - well spent). Maria moved to the bed and we started making out as our clothing hit the floor item by item. There's a soft, smooth flow to her kisses, like warm caramel. I could kiss this woman for DAYS! Some petting, light at first, then gradually climbing in intensity, until she moved slowly down past my navel to...
    First, let me state that I am not, nor have I ever been, a member of any Coitus Olympic team. It's just not me.
    Ever realize you left your wallet at home - as the waitress brings the supper check to the table? Wear a Bruins sweater to a Habs home playoff game, or a Yankee hat to Fenway in October? You know, that "OH SHIT" feeling? I might be a bit older than most of you on the board, and a little bit more heavily medicated (both self and pHd), and realized that, this particular night, my penis was going to work with all the efficiency and success of the American Government (or, having a water pistol at a knife fight, if you choose). Wonderful. Undaunted, Maria did her best to re-convene Congress, but it was no use - they were off on holiday. (At one point, Maria, sitting on top of me, said in a matronly voice, "We must be serious!" - and then burst out laughing, as I did.) We pretty much just cuddled, kissed, and touched for the rest of our time.
    Would I have liked to satisfy Maria sexually? Of course - I may get more of a thrill getting a partner off than I get from my own satisfaction. Did this spoil, ruin, or negatively effect the quality of our rendezvous in any way? Not for me, and hopefully not for Maria. I had the pleasure of meeting an intelligent, beautiful woman, with a variety of professional areas of interest and experience and a great smile. She is soft and feminine, her touch is wonderful and she is wonderful to touch. She also likes to laugh - a necessity for anyone who has to deal with me for more than 30 seconds. No Barbies here - just a very cool woman who I would see again at the drop of a hat (if she could deal with me again, that is!). Thanks, Jessy...and thanks again, Maria.

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